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We Showed Non-Australians Aussie Things From 2015 And They Went "WTF?"

Don't worry world, we didn't get some of this shit either.

BuzzFeedOz sent a bunch of uncaptioned photos and Vines of things that happened in Australia in 2015 to our international colleagues. This is what happened…

1. Canberra's epic milkshakes created by Pâtissez.

Patissez / Via Facebook:

Javi (US): "This looks like a what happens when stoned 16-year-olds get hold of the McFlurry machine after hours."

Adam (US): "Heaven in a jar."

Gustavo (Mexico): "The most beautiful and poetic way to get diabetes."

Dani (Germany): "Bretzelmarshmallowchocolatecaramelcreampots."

2. Tony Abbott eating a raw onion.

Phillip (Germany): "Some politician pretending to be down to earth by eating a raw onion. You are a fool, politician! A fool!"

Adam (US): " I know that's Tony Abbott eating a raw onion, skin and all. As for why — who the fuck knows."

Guillermo (Spain): "I don't know who he is, but he appears to be eating a raw potato, probably to counteract the diabetes bowls from before."

Gustavo (Mexico): "A super evil politician trying a super weird Australian fruit."

3. Patrick the Wombat who joined Tinder for his 30th birthday.


Guillermo (Spain): "Just the greatest Tinder date ever."

Scott (UK): "I'm swiping right."

Javi (US): "That is a land beaver. Maybe it's the equivalent of putting a cute dog in your Tinder profile. This guy must be raking in the matches."

Adam (US): "My future lover."

4. The man who showed up to the ARIAs dressed like a deconstructed swan.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

Javi (US): "Well the men are greased and hairless. I'm assuming this is some kind of award show for pornography. "

Phillip (Germany): "Is this the Australian Conchita Wurst? Wait. Did you just clone Conchita Wurst, Australia?!"

Shayan (India): "This is how Australians are born."

Gustavo (Mexico): "The egg Lady Gaga left in Australia a couple of years ago finally broke."

5. Cadbury's limited edition Vegemite chocolate.

Beatriz (Spain): "POISON."

Guillermo (Spain): "It looks like a candy, but being from Australia it's probably a spider."

Shayan (India): "No idea what this is, but something about it feels very, very wrong."

Javi (US): "I've had Vegemite, it's disgusting. Nothing you can combine it with will make it pleasurable. Even it's font is aggressive, it's in ALL CAPS."

6. When it snowed in Queensland.

Josie Carter / Via Facebook: HigginsStormChasing

Dani (Germany): "A glitch in the Matrix?"

Philipp (Germany): "Is this a test? You guys know what snow is, right?"

Javi (US): "This looks like a winter wonderland, which is odd cause the sign has beaches and shit."

Guillermo (Spain): "It snowed. Is your snow also venomous?"

7. The koala caught behind the wheel of a car.

Sam Box / Via

Dani (Germany): "Uber Oz."

Guillermo (Spain): "He's a koalified driver."

Beatriz (Spain): "Your Prime Minister is going for a ride."

Shayan (India): "Koala's fight for equal unemployment rights finally bears fruit."

8. The Bachelor, Sam Wood atop the Sydney harbour bridge for the world's longest kiss.

Channel 10

Dani (Germany): "Is this like a scene from the Bachelor where they both realise how stupid they are?"

Philipp (Germany): They are famous for taking part in some kind of reality show. And everybody hates them. Mostly because they keep laughing about their own stupid inside jokes all the time. I hate couples with inside jokes.

Guillermo (Spain): "They are Aladdin and Jasmine on the flying carpet."

Adam (US): "These are Australia's premier synchronized dancers. Here, they are practicing their routine on dry land to help prepare for next year's Olympics."

9. Today host Karl Stefanovic getting excited for the Melbourne Cup.

Channel 9

Beatriz (Spain): "Call the exorcist, Tom Cruise is inside his body."

Guillermo (Spain): "He is being chased by the money monster, but it's no match to his invisible unicorn."

Gaspar (Brazil): "Is he riding a ghost horse?"

Shayan (India): "Guy found some talking money. Aussies love that talking money."

10. This Sailor Goon halloween costume.


Javi (US): "That looks like Sailor Moon with box wine next to a cop. I really, really need some context for this picture. "Fighting evil by moonlight, getting drunk by daylight."""

Dani (Germany): "Aussie Sailor Moon. Is that a 4L box of wine? Is that like when Popeye eats spinach?"

Scott (UK): "Getting pissed for like $10 on goonies or whatever it is called is wonderful."

Gustavo (Mexico): "Wish I match with her on Tinder someday."

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