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Posted on 9 Dec 2015

24 Times Chris Hemsworth Totally Nailed Social Media In 2015

Thank you to whichever management gods made him suddenly embrace Twitter and Instagram.

1. When he joined Twitter and gave us a thumbs up and we were like "same."

Two things are happening right now: 1. My first tweet 2. Getting ready to host @nbcsnl with @zacbrownband

2. And then showed off this ~family~ shot from Saturday Night Live.

Had a blast tonight @nbcsnl with my THREE brothers and Mum. @LiamHemsworth @Hemsdog #SNL #ThankYou

3. When he said what literally all of us did when we first joined Twitter.

@RobertDowneyJr Thanks! Better late than never, right Mate? Still trying to figure this whole Twitter thing out.

4. When he opened his Instagram account with a very ~Australian~ photo.

5. And later shared this one.

6. When he took this lovely shot of the Australian coast with former Home and Away co-star Jason Smith.

7. But then went back to those #straya vibes on Twitter.

8. When he shared this adorable Avengers squad photo.

.@Avengers #PressTour with these legends: @ChrisEvans @RobertDowneyJr

9. And wanted to be invited to the ~civil war~.

@RobertDowneyJr @ChrisEvans Am I invited to this?

10. When he pulled a Spider-Man pose with In the Heart of the Sea co-star (and future Peter Parker) Tom Holland.

11. When he had a sense of humour about being labelled Michael Fassbender.

12. And got goofy with some Thor merch.

13. When he used his platform to help others.

Help Charlotte, Gwenyth and all affected by Batten Disease. Thank you for watching. @curebatten

14. When he shared this photo of the holy Hemsworth trinity.

#VacationMovie Premiere in LA with @Hemsdog and @LiamHemsworth.

15. And this outstanding family portrait.

Another strange family portrait to add to the mix. @LiamHemsworth

16. Then totally trolled Liam's Men's Health cover.

17. When he revealed what a ~rough day in the office~ looks like for him.

Rough day in the office. @WBPictures #IntheHeartoftheSea

18. And showed how different he truly looked for his In the Heart of the Sea role.

Just tried a new diet/training program called "Lost At Sea". Wouldn't recommend it.. #IntheHeartoftheSea

19. When he highlighted the flip side of his work while also promoting charity once again.

Had a great time at #IntheHeartoftheSea screening for @AusChildhood, a cause that helps children recover from abuse.

20. When he confessed his devastation at no longer being the sexiest man alive.

Thank u @jes_chastain for your kind words & timely reminder that I'm now over the hill #TheHuntsman #SexiestManAlive

21. When he admitted he was #TeamPeeta during a Twitter Q&A.

Isn't it obvious? Peeta. #AskChrisHemsworth #IntheHeartoftheSea

22. When he proved he could actually surf.

23. AND skateboard...shirtless.

24. And when he posted this DADDY AF photo that became one of the most liked Instagrams of the year.

Bring on 2016!


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