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This Is What Australian TV Was Like In 2005 Vs 2015

Remember when Chris Hemsworth was on Home and Away 10 years ago?

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1. Reality TV:

Network Ten
Network Ten

2005: Big Brother Australia was at its peak in 2005, and the Logan twins took out the season by tricking the housemates into believing they were one person.

2015: The only trick I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! played was in its casting, making Australians question who these celebrities were.

2. Renovation shows:

2005: Backyard Blitz was all about backyard overhauls and using the presenters to do all the renovating.

2015: The Block aired two seasons this year with the only connection between the two being host Scott Cam… who appears to be hosting every reno show ever.

3. Competitive cooking:

2005: The most competitive a cooking show got was Ready Steady Cook where celebrity chef, Manu Fidel, would join the contestants with their cooking.

2015: Fidel is now a host on My Kitchen Rules where he lets the contestants do all the cooking while he does the eating. Great transition.

4. Dating shows:

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

2005: Shopping for Love was weird if you really thought about it. Rummaging around a stranger’s house and then shopping for them based on what you saw in the hope they would pick you for a date? So bizarre.

2015: The Bachelor and The Bachelorette dominated TV screens this year. Sure, it didn't involve buying clothes to score a date, but it did involve dating 15 people at once... and that's just as weird.

5. Singing competitions:

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images
Graham Denholm / Getty Images

2005: Australian Idol was into its third season with winner Kate DeAraugo.

2015: X Factor and The Voice might have replaced Australian Idol... but no one will ever replace dynamic duo James Mathison and Andrew G.

2005: Performances on talent shows had simple sets, you were lucky to even get a stool.

2015: Sets are elaborate, and if someone does sit on a chair... it's probably going to be suspended 10 metres in the air.

2005: Confetti cannons were always the sign that you had made it big.

2015: Forget the confetti. If you aren't setting off fireworks on stage, did you even win?

6. Mindless comedy:

2005: Australia’s Funniest Home Videos just showed that clips of people falling over paired with over-the-top sound effects can unite a nation.

2015: Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud proved that switching out people for animals still works just as well.

7. Current affair programs:

2005: A Current Affair farewelled host Ray Martin 10 years ago and welcomed Tracey Grimshaw in his place.

2015: Both A Current Affair and host, Tracey Grimshaw are still doing well 10 years later.

8. Breakfast TV:

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

2005: Tracey Grimshaw could only manage a year with Karl Stefanovic before she ditched Today for A Current Affair.

2015: Lisa Wilkinson joined Karl as host in 2007, and the pair have been cracking the nation (and each other) up ever since.

Network Ten

2005: Good Morning Australia, hosted by Bert Newton, ran for 13 years, before Newton moved on in an attempt to host every Australian TV game show.”

2015: Studio 10 started in an attempt to fill the Bert-Newton-sized breakfast TV slot left behind.

9. And soap operas:

Channel Seven
Channel Seven

2005: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Bec Cartwright were all in Home and Away 10 years ago.

2015: Now, every time you blink while watching Home and Away a new cast member randomly emerges from behind a fake wall.

Network Ten

2005: Neighbours was in its prime 10 years ago. But 10 years before that it was probably also in its prime.

2015: This show is literally never going to end.