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19 WhatsApp Forwards We Need To Retire In 2016

"Share in 10 Sec It will Bring GOOD Luck in Your Life."

1. Clickbait.

2. Doppelgängers.

Shayan Roy

3. Lies.

Shayan Roy

4. Offensive topical fare.

Shayan Roy

5. Long-ass forwards which begin with, "There once was a man..."

6. Spoilers.

7. Sweet good mornings.

Shayan Roy

8. Listicles.

9. Choo choo trains.

Shayan Roy

10. Rockets.

11. Morbid short stories. But like ten of them at the same time. So, like, morbid stories.

12. Borderline offensive humour.

13. 2006.

Shayan Roy

14. Festivaling.

Shayan Roy

15. Overfestivaling.

Shayan Roy

16. Inspiration.

Shayan Roy

17. Forwards which typecast you according to the colour of your stationery.

Shayan Roy

18. Casual racism.

Nirali Shah

19. And this.

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