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18 British TV Shows That Sadly Didn't Return In 2015

We still need your guidance, Neil.

1. Robot Wars

BBC / Tinopolis

Original air date: 1998-2004

Good old fashion robot-on-robot violence is exactly what the world still needs.

2. Art Attack


Original air date: 1990–2007*

They should completely flip the format and have Neil teach us about adult stuff. How to apply for a mortgage, taking out a loan, and filing a tax return – that sort of stuff.

*A new series was launched in 2011, hosted by false pretenders to Neil Buchanan's throne.

3. Bernard's Watch


Original air date: 1997-2001

What's Bernard up to now? Is he using his power of time control for good? Is he using it for evil? Is Bernard a villain with plans for world domination? Does he attempt to enslave humanity for his own personal gain? Can he be stopped?

4. Gladiators

ITV Studios

Original air date: 1992-2000*

Just introduce some new Gladiators, maybe some new games, but bring back Wolf in some capacity.

*Sky briefly revived the show between 2008-2009.

5. Get Your Own Back


Original air date: 1991-2004

Fun fact: You can hire Dave Benson Phillips himself and recreate the show in your own back garden.

6. Bad Girls


Original air date: 1999-2006

Resurrect the show with a different cast, the same prison, the same batshit insane storylines, and the overuse of the word "nonce".

7. Dick and Dom in da Bungalow


Original air date: 2002-2006

This show was once the apex of British culture. Enjoy this clip of the duo playing a game of "bogies" in a Nando's.

8. Mr. Bean

Endemol UK

Original air date: 1990-1995

Bring it back as it was, with Mr. Bean getting into his usual shit. Except like, with self-service checkouts and stuff.

9. Skins


Original air date: 2007-2013

Who wouldn't want to see a sequel with the first generation of characters returning to our screens? Hell, even a new generation of characters would be better than nothing.

10. Ready Steady Cook


Original air date: 1994-2010

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11. The Crystal Maze

Channel 4

Original air date: 1990-1995

Some ideas for new zones: The nuclear apocalypse zone, the '90s nostalgia zone, and the gentrified zone.

12. Footballers' Wives


Original air date: 2002-2006

With a show this crazy the sky's the limit. No show since has managed to tow the line between the brilliant and the insane quite like this noughties drama did.

13. Knightmare

ITV Studios

Original air date: 1987-1994

Imagine the graphics if they remade this today. Just shove an Oculus Rift on a child's head and film the adventure.

14. ChuckleVision


Original air date: 1987-2009

They're the only funny moustached people alive today. Surely that's got to count for something?

15. Blind Date

ITV Studios

Original air date: 1991-2003

Suggesting this show be revived after the passing of Cilla Black may seem like sacrilege to some, but it's too good a format not to bring back.

16. SMTV: Live


Original air date: 1998-2003

Sure, Ant and Dec are great presenting shows at prime time, but how about giving us some watchable breakfast TV on a Saturday morning?

17. Lads' Army

Warner Bros. Television Productions UK

Original air date: 2002-2006

One of the most unfairly forgotten about shows in British television history. Bring it back exactly the same as it was before – with just a bunch of trouble makers getting screamed at by comically overshouty army men.

18. Dale’s Supermarket Sweep


Original air date: 1993-2007

Bring it into the 2010s by Introducing a new self-service checkout round.

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