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15 Of The Most Bengali Things That Happened In 2015

"When I hold you in my arms, I feel the warmth of a million monkey caps."

1. This millennial attempt at flirting.

2. This annual deception.


3. This startling revelation.

Being Indian

4. This conundrum.

5. This list of new names for West Bengal.

The Bong Guide To The Galaxy / Via

6. This near miss.

7. This brand new way of irritating your bengali friend.


8. This warmth.

9. This constant source of paranoia.

10. This perfect pun.

Sourav Parmanandka / Via Instagram: @souravparmanandka

11. This familiar celebration, sans aggressive shirt-waving.

12. This entire Reddit thread.

13. This customised serenade.

14. This long-overdue confession.

Being Indian

15. And this tragedy.

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