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17 Times Social Media Saved The Day In 2015

Trend kindness.

1. When after a Sikh guy became a racist meme, the internet rallied and helped turn him into a hero.

After this racist meme was called out, the internet used #BeLikeDarsh to make the NCAA player a role model.

2. When Twitter helped reunite three abandoned children with their mother.

3. When the entire Indian internet helped flood-riddled Chennai in any way they could.

4. When the railway minister responded to a tweet and arranged for food to be sent to hungry students who were stuck in a seven hour delayed train.

5. When a Muslim professor offered to treat people to a pork meal to stand up against intolerance.

6. When a 65-year-old man's typewriter was destroyed by an angry cop, so the internet helped get him a new one.

7. When one woman used Instagram to start reclaiming the saree in America.

8. When Muslims around the world condemned Islamophobia while tweeting support for the victims of the Paris attacks.

9. When a Sikh man garnered the support of thousands after he was called a terrorist and denied entry into a Polish club.

10. When thousands of animal lovers took to Facebook and Twitter, and raised over ₹60 lakhs to save Friendicoes, one of India’s biggest animal rescue organisations.

11. When hundreds of women used social media to organise a movement reclaiming public spaces in remembrance of the December 16 gang rape.

12. When a Chennai rapper's viral video protesting Unilever's toxic waste deposits in Kodaikanal made this impact.

13. When Indians and Pakistanis trended #ProfileForPeace to protest against increasing hate politics between their countries.

14. When Twitter tried to help India's 19-year-old sprinter get to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

15. When women opened up about their first times being sexually harassed using #MyFirstPublicIndecency.

16. When StoryPick teamed up with Ketto to raise money for a 9-year-old who had been raped and was in need of medical treatment.

17. And literally any time Sushma Swaraj logged on to the internet.

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