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Best of 2015

Best of 2015

106 Memorable TV Deaths In 2015

With so many shows featuring zombies, serial killers, and supervillains, the death toll was bound to be high. These are the TV characters who bit it in 2015, presented in alphabetical order. (SPOILER ALERT for basically every TV series.)

Don't Let 2015 End Without Reading These Stories

In 2015, BuzzFeed News reporters and contributors went everywhere from Nova Scotia to Kazakhstan to China. Here is a selection of their stories, on the injustices, mysteries, phenomena, and fascinations we couldn't miss this year.

Our Favorite LGBT Essays We Published This Year

Getting messaged by a childhood bully on a gay dating app. Navigating the dating scene as a black trans woman. Aspiring to motherhood. Saying goodbye to historic queer spaces. These, and more, are the powerful reflections in BuzzFeed LGBT's favorite essays of 2015.

The People You Needed To Read About In 2015

From a recovering teen meme to a historical cipher to Instagram superstars to the leader of the men's rights movement, here are some of the most fascinating people we spent time with this year.

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