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The 10 Tiniest Things To Happen In 2015

In which miniature artists had their biggest year yet.

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3. The latest in the series of mind-blowingly detailed miniature drawings of Lorraine Loots

Instagram: @lorraineloots

5. The continued brilliance of the London-based artist Slinkachu and the tiny figures he leaves around the city.

Instagram: @slinkachu_official

6. This hamster-sized BBQ served on poker chips, the latest tiny hamster episode from HelloDenizen.

View this video on YouTube

9. This series of beautiful and infinitesimal butterflies, by Julia Cissell (@godsflyingflowers)

Instagram: @godsflyingflowers

10. The miniscule mastepieces by @ccminifactory - whose work focuses on creating a compelling environment around miniature toys.

Instagram: @ccminifactory