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The 10 Tiniest Things To Happen In 2015

In which miniature artists had their biggest year yet.

1. The Miniature Calendar, an inspiring daily miniature art project by Tatsua Tanaka.

2. These pancakes and other incredibly tiny foods by stage and costume designer, Shay Aaron.

3. The latest in the series of mind-blowingly detailed miniature drawings of Lorraine Loots

5. The continued brilliance of the London-based artist Slinkachu and the tiny figures he leaves around the city.

6. This hamster-sized BBQ served on poker chips, the latest tiny hamster episode from HelloDenizen.

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8. This year-long project, in which @laurenapp makes a different tiny chair each day.

9. This series of beautiful and infinitesimal butterflies, by Julia Cissell (@godsflyingflowers)

10. The miniscule mastepieces by @ccminifactory - whose work focuses on creating a compelling environment around miniature toys.

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