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15 Most Inspiring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Of 2015

Warning: this might make you crave grilled cheese.

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1. This monumental cascade of melted goodness.

Instagram: @bullbearbar

2. This magnificently overloaded oozefest.

Instagram: @nyc_nomad1

4. This flawless model of the classic "cheese bridge."

Instagram: @ny

5. This overflowing bounty of fromage.

Instagram: @tomtomsfood

6. This decadently sloppy stack of edible perfection.

Instagram: @thecheesetruck

7. This lavish culinary masterpiece.

Instagram: @thecheesetruck

8. This breathtaking waterfall of cheese.

Instagram: @dznelson

9. This perfectly toasted work of art.

Instagram: @chefchinoiz

10. This mess of bread and oozing cheese.

Instagram: @grill_my_cheese

12. This cheese and peanut butter stairway.

Instagram: @idgaf921212

13. This textbook example of the ideal grilled cheese serving size.

Instagram: @beantown_bites

14. This perfectly congealed pool of melted cheese.

Instagram: @dailyfoodfill

15. This satisfying ooze of melted cheese.

Instagram: @kaptajnfirat