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Watch How Weather People Made Fools Of Themselves In 2015

A flood of hilarity that will have you laughing your ass off.

News bloopers are always a hoot! But the weather department makes their fair share of LOL moments. Here's a video compilation of their best from 2015:

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1. This meteorologist got "fuck you" and "fluctuation" confused.

2. This weather guy thought he was clever by saying Uranus was visible via telescope.

3. Oops! This guy's legs just didn't show up to work.

4. This news anchor showed up in the wrong place.

5. And three of this guy showed up...

6. This guy accidentally burped on-air, and confessed that he may have had a little something else.

7. This woman scared the living shit out of this guy and it was absolutely everything.

8. And holy shit! This weatherman did the entire forecast using Taylor Swift references and it was way more entertaining.

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9. This woman couldn't keep it together after talking about her Vermont weather stick and how it was, "sticking straight out."

10. That time this weather guy was trying to do his job, or whatever, and a dog just wanted to play.

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11. And this guy was totally caught off guard like, "Hi, welcome to work!"