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The 12 Most Incredible Things Imgur Did With Video Games In 2015

So cool. All images courtesy of Imgur.

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2. This guy built himself a massive Fallout 4 inspired Vault in his basement to play video games in.

Check out more pictures here.

3. This Nintendo fan drew, designed, and produced a custom Zelda playing card set called Hylian Court.

Ganon, Zelda and Link as King, Queen, and Jack of Triforce (Spades) makes too much sense. Check out more photos here.


4. This guy spent hours traversing the underwater areas of Fallout 4 and uploaded hundreds of photos of material most people would never see in a regular playthrough.

There are Jaws references, dead mutated dolphins, mysterious spheres, and more! It looks like Fallout 4 had a much more robust underwater system that was cut. Read the whole thing here.


7. This guy found a flux sensor in Fallout 4 and found out it was a reference to Alien by cross-referencing the serial number.

Could the Commonwealth have been visited by extraterrestrials? Read the whole thing here.

8. A team of builders put together this faithful and gorgeous to-scale replication of the Shire from The Lord of the Rings.


The creators clearly have a lot of love for the lore of the franchise and their write up reflects that. Read the whole thing here.


9. Another fan built a custom "Pikaboy" that actually plays classic Game Boy games as a present for his girlfriend.

10. This person acquired a never before seen prototype of the mysterious, canned collaboration planned by Nintendo and Sony in the '90s. It was sitting in his attic.

More photos can be found here.


11. Another user collected a bunch of stories about cruel, hilarious things people have ever done to their Sims.

Highlights include building a house made entirely of indoor pools, drowning an ex, and traumatizing (digital) children. Read the imgur post here, which originally came from this Reddit thread.

12. And this guy, hero of the year, got totally wasted and tattooed this Charmander on himself.


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