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24 Times André Hamann Made Your Jaw Drop In 2015

André is a German model and probably the reason your jaw hurts so much.

1. When he stared into our souls.

2. When he found this on his iPhone.

3. When he introduced us to Oksar.

4. When the weather was so beautiful that he decided to work out outside.

5. When he shared this pic so we could enjoy the view too.

6. When he was walking around in New York City.

7. Whenever he spent time with his family.

8. When he was just sitting here, with his guitar, looking at us.

9. When he got out of the water.

10. When he wished us a happy Sunday.

11. When he threw this blanket on his back because he was cold.

12. When he was simply enjoying the moment.

13. When he showed us his best profile.

14. When he was staring at something while we were staring at him.

15. When he spent a day at the beach.

16. When he was sitting on this motorcycle.

17. When he had a tea.

18. When he looked sexy AF.

19. When we realized the obvious: he also looks hot AF in a suit.

20. And whenever...

21. ...he took...

22. ...a selfie...

23. bed.

24. Thank you, André. See you in 2016 😍

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