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26 Times Old People Were The Best People On The Internet In 2015

The only good people on the internet.

1. This simple request:

2. This urgent question:

3. Bill sharing his hopes and dreams:

4. When Ronnie discovered his long lost son:

5. The sad fate of Earl's pig:

6. When Terrell shared his favorite dish:

7. The unfortunate misuse of emoji:

8. Grandma's shocking reveal:

9. This exciting development:


11. Joe's revenge:

12. Geraldine's anti-bullying stance:

13. The life and times of Gichael:

14. Susan's problems:


15. When grandma told it like it IS:

16. The lost grandson of Walmart:

17. When this guy TOOK DOWN the Illuminati:

18. Donna's MIC DROP:

19. When grandma gave her wise advice:

20. When this touching picture was shared:

21. Ralph's sad absence:

22. When Isabel put down Wendy's:

23. This simple request:

24. Mamaw's sad day:

25. Briahnna and Quaker's quick friendship:

26. And, of course, Joel's quest to get corn:

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