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27 Times Men Needed To Be Stopped In 2015

But not all men, of course.

1. When they complained about women's underwear in a video game.

A NeoGAF member points out what he finds to be a terrible flaw in Fallout 4

2. When they found new ways to mention the decline of men's rights.

3. When their Tinder reviews weren't very convincing.

4. And their new inventions didn't appear to be very ~inventive~.

“Women just make noise and ruin everything, right? Buy our fucking ridiculously expensive headphones!”

5. When they found it painfully hard to accept rejection.

6. When they couldn't just fish like regular people.

7. When they were terrible at being subtle.

8. I mean, it's definitely not their strong point.

9. When they fantasised about doing some really disrespectful things to fruit.

10. And seemed to take everything a step too far.

My mom's boyfriend overdoes every holiday.

11. When they were the worst catfishers on this planet.

12. When they took things from 0 to 100 real fucking quick.

13. When they ruined Michelangelo paintings with beer and McDonald's.

14. When they blamed feminism for everything.

15. When they believed trousers were reserved for men only.

16. When they expected cookies to eat themselves.

Dude on the train ate the center of a cookie and neatly placed the rest on the floor

17. When they exhibited their insane talent for mansplaining.

18. It really is a talent like no other.

My favourite mansplaining moment of 2015. "I am a man, my opinion has more value than ALL of your experience"

19. When they were really bad at giving presents.

20. And wrapping them too.

21. When their dad jokes were the ruination of our most prized possessions.

22. When they terrified innocent animals.

23. When they seemed to enjoy putting themselves in harm's way.

24. And were incredibly accident prone.

25. When they spend too much time babbling about tacos.

26. And took loving your car to a whole new level.

27. They were, quite literally, spinning out of control.

Sorry, men.

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