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17 People Who Definitely Didn't Meet A Celebrity In 2015

So close, yet so, so far. H/T r/notreallyfamous.

1. This guy sharing a selfie with a run-of-the-mill goth.

2. These two, who just fed some random dude a hot dog.

3. This guy who won't be safe if there's a zombie outbreak at the wedding he's attending.

4. This old lady who, to be fair, has met a pretty good President Obama lookalike.

5. This marathon runner who's 100% not met Owen Wilson.

6. This girl who's met the ultimate opportunist.

This kid knows how to take an opportunity and run with it

7. And this one.

8. This man who's not going to be getting any Game of Thrones spoilers.

9. This kid who's going to be faced with disappointment when he checks his Twitter feed.

10. One of these people who thinks the other is Elijah Wood.

11. These people who know nothing about Jon Snow.

12. And this guy who needs to pay more attention to his superhero movies.

13. This guy posing with a tall, blonde girl.

14. And this man "chatting it up" with an old guy in a bar.

15. This girl who wrongly thinks she's met Bruno Mars.

16. This guy who thinks he has a #twinsie in Pitbull.

17. And finally, these girls who are in for some bad news.