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15 Things We Have In 2015 That We Didn't Have Five Years Ago

A lot has changed since 2010.

1. For the past five years, we have slowly accumulated pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

Mike Mozart CC/Flickr: jeepersmedia
Mike Mozart CC/Flickr: jeepersmedia

Help us.

2. We also now have an entire movie devoted to Minions.

Universal Pictures / Via

The movie came out just this year. That's an entire 91 minutes devoted to Minions.

3. The international K-pop sensation (and first YouTube video to reach a billion views) "Gangnam Style" went viral less than five years ago.

View this video on YouTube

Can you believe that? It was released in 2012.

4. In 2015, we now have two royal babies hailing from the U.K.

Getty Images

Princess Charlotte was born in 2015 and Prince George was born in 2013.

5. And two royal babies from the United States.

Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images
ROBYN BECK/AFP / Getty Images

Blue Ivy was born in 2012 and North West in 2013. In due time, they shall take the reins of their Queendom.

6. We have now endured months...nay, YEARS of Frozen fever.

Disney / Via

Frozen was released in 2013, and the hype is still going strong.

7. By now, we have had our sassy phone companion Siri at our side for several years.

Siri was released in 2011 and has been back-talking us ever since.

8. Five years ago we never suspected ice cream could be revolutionized in such a way.

Ben and Jerry's

Unless you're a wizard of some sort (the core flavors came out in 2014).

9. Folks with short arms rejoice! We also managed to upgrade the way we take selfies.

Gpointstudio / Getty Images

Technically selfie sticks have been around for a while, but Time magazine named them one of the best inventions of 2014, so...

10. We now have an entire Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, as well as a movie.

Universal Pictures / Via

The first book came out in 2011, and the movie in 2015.

11. Five years ago, our poor, unfortunate souls suffered from a lack of Apparently Kid.

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Apparently he first graced our screens in 2014.

12. Candy Crush Saga didn't consume so much of our free time.

MeLY3o CC / Via Flickr: melyblog

It was released in 2012.

13. The past five years have granted us with not one, not two, but THREE Sharknados.

Syfy Films

Yup. The first one was released in 2013, and the sequels were released in 2014 and 2015.

14. Five years ago, we only dreamed of having a breakfast menu at Taco Bell.

Mike Mozart CC / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

As well as the Doritos Locos Tacos shells, both introduced in 2012.

15. And last but not least, we were finally blessed with an all-day breakfast menu at McDonald's.

Alex Liivet CC/Flickr: alexmartin81

Let us rejoice, for it was introduced to us just this year!

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