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17 Indian Musicians Who Changed The Damn Game In 2015

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1. Nucleya

Facebook: photosbyfahama

After opening for Skrillex and releasing an album during a freakin' ganpati visarjan, it's safe to say that Udyan Sagar is the most explosive DJ act in the country today.

2. Nicholson

Facebook: nicholsontunes

Sohrab Nicholson's project, replete with sweeping electronic sounds and spellbinding vocals, has emerged as one the most loved indie acts of the year,

3. Prateek Kuhad

Facebook: prateekkuhadmusic

The singer-songwriter was the only Indian selected for the prestigious Converse Rubber Tracks Global Program, powered by his new EP, In Tokens & Charms.

4. The Indian Jam Project

Tushar Lall

Keyboardist Tushar Lall's ensemble of musicians amassed massive hits on their Indian classical renditions of your favourite songs, including their amazing version of the Harry Potter theme.

5. Naezy

The Mumbai rapper has had a breakout year, the highlight of which has been rapping the theme song for AIB's new TV show.

6. Rhythm Shaw

Just watch this Kolkata guitarist play his acoustic in this mesmerising video and tell me if you're not left speechless.

7. Vidya Vox

The vocalist has been busy taking over social media all year, with various new collaborations and mashups.

8. The F16s

Facebook: thef16s

After recording a glorious EP at Brooklyn's Converse Rubber Track Studios , the 5-piece has been busy constructing their first full length album, Triggerpunkte. We're eagerly waiting, boys.

9. Skyharbor

Facebook: skyharbormusic

Keshav Dhar's metal outfit added drummer Aditya Ashok of OX7GEN fame to their setup this year, and are fresh off a successful North America tour. Check out their new music here.

10. Dhruv Visvanath

Facebook: dhruvguitarmusic

The fedora friendly guitarist released some great material this year, including his debut album, Orion.

11. Badshah

2015 was the year for this rapper, who dropped everything from unannounced underground grooves to club-friendly chartbusters.

12. Skylight Vision

Facebook: SkylightVisionBand

This Pune progressive pop rock band has been making waves all year round, culminating in a performance at the NH7 Weekender

13. Max Godman

Facebook: maxgodmanmusic

The Mumbai artist impressed many this year with his percussive guitar skills, culminating in a set at the Pune edition of the NH7 Weekender.

14. Spud in the Box

Facebook: spudintheboxmusic

The Mumbai-based six-piece has been hard at work on their debut album, Lead Feet Paper Shoes, and the efforts are paying off beautifully.

15. B.R.E.E.D

Facebook: krunklive

Ritesh D'Souza, one half of the immensely entertaining B.R.E.E.D, made the news when he became the first Indian artist to perform at the famous Coachella Festival.

16. Until We Last

Facebook: untilwelast

This post-rock/ electronica band from Bangalore specialises in music aimed at taking you to the moon and back.

17. Tejas Menon

Tejas Menon

This Mumbai singer-songwriter got rained in with his bandmates in a car, but he made the most of it with an impromptu jam session, thus winning over the situation and our hearts in one glorious performance.

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