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13 Best Uses Of Forced Perspective In 2015

Some of the most imaginative uses of one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Forced perspective is one of the oldest camera tricks in the book, but in 2015, the genius photographers on Instagram took the effect to a whole new level.

1. The incredible paper cut-outs of @Paperboyo

2. ...and the equally beautiful cut-outs of Nikolai Tolstyh

3. The ongoing series, #mytoyplane - which was started by Varun Thota.

4. ...and continues to inspire many admirers.

5. The tiny cars that look big, by Kim Leuenberger

6. ...and the big cars which look tiny.

7. The moon-holders.

8. The sun-eaters.

9. The building movers.

10. The city-sized dogs.

11. The perfectly fluffy cloud-cones.

12. The perfectly aligned sunlamps.

13. And the #puddlefaced series by Ross Zietz, reminding us all to smile.

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