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24 Goats That Upped Their Selfie Game In 2015

Goats are the coolest kids on Instagram.

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1. The duckface selfie.

Instagram: @samanthashaffer

Because it's a classic look to bring out the cheekbones.

2. The sassy, carefree selfie.

Instagram: @tiny_tins_

Because these girls always have a great time, and their selfie should reflect that.


3. The half-face selfie.

Instagram: @hanpar

Because this goat knows which side is her better side.

4. The brunch selfie.

Instagram: @hubcap_diamondstar_halo

Because what's the point of brunch if you don't take a selfie?

5. The selfie with the whole crew.

Instagram: @burgermoon

Because this goat is nothing without her crew.

6. The soft, maternal selfie.

Instagram: @nbgalbraith

Because you need a baby in your selfie if you want to show off your nurturing side.

7. The car selfie.

Instagram: @tenapplefarm

Because it's best to get a selfie in the car in case your makeup gets messed up later.


8. The warm lighting selfie.

Instagram: @fabiolamendez30

Because everyone looks good in warm lighting.

9. The outdoorsy selfie.

Instagram: @travel_kalymnos

Because a selfie that shows your adventurous side always does well on Instagram AND gets results on Tinder.

10. The BFFs selfie.

Instagram: @katelynann90

Because this goat is proud to have such a good best friend.

11. The on-purpose ugly selfie.

Instagram: @christy604

So that this goat's Instagram followers know she doesn't take herself too seriously.

12. The hipster selfie.

Instagram: @talonsetbonbons

Because this goat will impress goats everywhere with his perfect choice of filter.


13. The dinner selfie.

Instagram: @corinne_drysdale_cheeses

Because the food was expensive and this goat would be stupid not to get a pic of it.

14. The selfie with bae.

Instagram: @gabriowl91

Because this goat's ex is gonna be so jealous.

15. The selfie in front of an extremely green field.

Instagram: @__little_cloud__

To make all the other goats jealous that you got to visit the greenest field ever.

16. The suave selfie.

Instagram: @mvinsf

Because this goat's look says "come away with me" and is sure to bring in the likes.

17. The mega close-up.

Instagram: @marcristonelli

Because this goat knows it's the only way to show off her freckles.


18. The engagement shot.

Instagram: @kelsey_g17

Because this goat can't wait for the kid who made fun of him in school to see his super hot fiancée.

19. The new lipstick selfie.

Instagram: @biscuit_the_goat

Because this goat looks flawless.

20. The kissy face selfie.

Instagram: @steffiep86

Because it's what all the popular goats are doing.

21. The selfie for bae.

Instagram: @jay

And just for bae.

22. The flirty selfie.

Instagram: @lifeattheranch

Because this goat knows he's cute when he sticks his tongue out.

23. The drunk selfie.

Instagram: @kplankeel

Because it happens to the best of goats.

24. And last but not least, the perfect selfie.

Instagram: @my_little_ranch

Because you know that there were at least 50 other selfies on this goat's camera roll before she nailed it.

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