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24 Goats That Upped Their Selfie Game In 2015

Goats are the coolest kids on Instagram.

1. The duckface selfie.

2. The sassy, carefree selfie.

3. The half-face selfie.

4. The brunch selfie.

5. The selfie with the whole crew.

6. The soft, maternal selfie.

7. The car selfie.

8. The warm lighting selfie.

9. The outdoorsy selfie.

10. The BFFs selfie.

11. The on-purpose ugly selfie.

12. The hipster selfie.

13. The dinner selfie.

14. The selfie with bae.

15. The selfie in front of an extremely green field.

16. The suave selfie.

17. The mega close-up.

18. The engagement shot.

19. The new lipstick selfie.

20. The kissy face selfie.

21. The selfie for bae.

22. The flirty selfie.

23. The drunk selfie.

24. And last but not least, the perfect selfie.

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