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50 Of Our Favorite BuzzFeed Community Posts Of 2015

You guys are the real MVPs.

The BuzzFeed Community had a fabulous 2015. In no particular order, here are 50 of our favorite posts.

Dannnnnnnnnnnny / NBC / The Pokèmon Company / Twitter: @NRT_32

Created by Dannnnnnnnnnnny.

Katie Louise Smith

Created by Katie Louise Smith.

4. 25 WTF Disney Moments That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Walt Disney Pictures

Created by Kayla Yandoli.

Arthur A. Levine Books
Warner Books

Created by Anjali Patel.

9. What Kind Of Farter Are You?


11. Which Grilled Cheese Is Your Soulmate?


Created by Alexis DeCarvalho.

12. 13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make


Created by Jeffrey Sharkey.


Created by Ryan Bautista.

15. We Know What Your Dream Means


Created by radicalrianne.

17. What’s Your Personality Type Based On Your Opinion Of Eggs?


Created by meatvessel.

19. We Know Your Fave “Harry Potter” Character Based On Your Favorite Kitten

Warner Bros./ThinkStock

Created by Nikki Francois.

20. Is This A Disney Channel Original Movie Or Totally Made Up?

Disney Channel

Created by disneytasthic.

21. 15 Times Julie Andrews Proved She Is Queen Of The Universe


Created by emilykonopka.

Sony Music Entertainment

Created by Sandra Mendez.

25. Can We Guess What Pisses You Off?


Created by Chelsea Totten.

26. 16 Reasons Why Chris Martin Is The Best Person Ever


Created by Zoe Jewell.

The Disney Channel

Created by Talha Ishaq.


Created by Olivia Gaynor.

29. We Know Your Birth Month Based On One Question

Capitol Records

Created by grumpygarrett.

31. 15 Things Girls With Tattoos Are Tired Of Hearing


Created by jessmjordan.

32. Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Pokémon Knowledge?

The Pokémon Company

Created by atshatara.

33. Are These Eastern European Cities Or Made Up Words?

Scout Alina

Created by Scout Alina.

34. 8 Britney Spears Questions That Are Impossible To Answer

Sony Music Entertainment / Jive

Created by Billy Lorusso.

35. The Hardest “Hocus Pocus” Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Buena Vista Productions / Disney

Created by Felicia Fitzpatrick.

36. Which Parks And Rec Alter Ego Are You?


Created by Olivia Ortiz.

37. Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Lucille Bluth?

NBC / Netflix

Created by Kat Lock.

38. 20 Times Game Of Thrones Made You Fall Into A Pit Of Despair


Created by Allie Gerds.

40. 18 Things No One Told You About Owning A Dog


Created by Bethany Opler.

41. 19 Pressing Questions All Pop-Punk Kids Need To Answer

Fueled by Ramen / DCD2 Records

Created by Maddi Lewis.

42. The Definitive Ranking Of “Harry Potter” Deaths By Sadness

Warner Bros.

Created by Ellie Bate.
Disney / Pixar

Created by Juliann Fiorentino.

44. Who Said It: David Brent Or Michael Scott?

BBC Two / NBC / ThinkStock

Created by Maeve McQuillan.

46. The Kardashian Guide To Victorian Etiquette


Created by Alice Predergast.

47. Can You Guess Why Meredith Grey Is Crying?


Created by Bella Robichaux.

48. Can You Name These Bands Pictured Without Their Lead Singer?

EMI / Universal Music Group

Created by Elvis Kim.

49. 34 Times Parks And Recreation Got Way Too Real


Created by Olivia Roat.

50. And 12 Trees That Would Be Getting Tons Of Ass If They Were Human

Uvimages / Getty Images

Created by Alex.

We can't wait to see what you do in 2016.

Anna Kopsky / Giphy

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