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53 Of BuzzFeed's Biggest, Best, Highest Impact, And Most Fun Stories Of 2015

BuzzFeed covered a lot of ground in 2015, from Ben Carson to Brother Orange and San Francisco to Somalia. Here's a chronological cross-section.

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5. "24 Marvelous Ways To Explain Brazilian Phrases To A Gringo"

in brazilian portuguese you don’t say i love you you say “te pago um salgado” which means endless love and i think that’s beautiful

BuzzFeed Brasil has also been doing groundbreaking work on

the victims of heterophobia.


8. "What Colors Are This Dress?" (??????!!!!!!!??????)

A Tumblr user posted this mysterious photo (white and gold, obviously) and then messaged our Cates Holderness to ask BuzzFeed to help her figure out the colors. We obliged — and The Dress turned into perhaps the first instant simultaneous global meme. And we got to the bottom of the story with reporting and ~science ~.


40. Another Round, Episode 28: "Madam Secretary, What's Good?"

48. The Summer, Fall, and Winter of Trump

Trump threw a fit about this definitive BuzzFeed News profile in 2014, and this year we've reported on his flip-flops — most notably on immigration — on the talk radio forces sticking with him, the racists who love him, the damage he's doing to the Republican attempt to woo Latinos, the ugly scene at his rallies, and the backlash against his anti-Muslim campaign.

Please also enjoy this Vine.