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53 Of BuzzFeed's Biggest, Best, Highest Impact, And Most Fun Stories Of 2015

BuzzFeed covered a lot of ground in 2015, from Ben Carson to Brother Orange and San Francisco to Somalia. Here's a chronological cross-section.

1. Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson plagiarized portions of his book America the Beautiful. One major source:

2. "Take BuzzFeed’s Get Fit Challenge, Then Take Over The World"

5. "24 Marvelous Ways To Explain Brazilian Phrases To A Gringo"

in brazilian portuguese you don’t say i love you you say “te pago um salgado” which means endless love and i think that’s beautiful

BuzzFeed Brasil has also been doing groundbreaking work on

the victims of heterophobia.

6. A BuzzFeed News investigation: "Fostering Profits: Abuse And Neglect At America’s Biggest For-Profit Foster Care Company"

7. "The 18 Most Historically Important Moments From The Great Llama Chase Of 2015"

8. "What Colors Are This Dress?" (??????!!!!!!!??????)

(Those two were on the same day!)

9. "A Door In Germany Broke Down And The Most Memetacular Thing Happened"

10. "Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Going Platinum Blonde"

11. "I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life"

12. "Selena Is Pretty Much A Disney Princess"

13. "Texas Sends Poor Teens To Adult Jail For Skipping School"

15. "How An American Tourist Lost His Passport In Istanbul And Was Sucked Into Syria’s War"

16. Inside the Clinton campaign: "The Robby Mook Playbook"

17. "Making Victoria’s Secret Pay For Keeping Staff On Call "

18. "Who Set Jessica Chambers On Fire? The Internet Is Trying To Find Out"

20. After the Charleston massacre: “They Saw An Anointed One”

21. "Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Nationwide Marriage Equality"

22. "Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later"

23. BuzzFeed Comics

24. "Government Refusing Funding To Kids Company Charity Unless Boss Is Removed"

25. "The Unbreakable Rebecca Black"

26. A BuzzFeed News investigation in Afghanistan: "Ghost Students, Ghost Teachers, Ghost Schools"

27. "A Week In The Mysterious Sleeping Villages Of Kazakhstan"

28. "The New American Slavery: Invited To The U.S., Foreign Workers Find A Nightmare"

29. "Rose McGowan Is Starting A Revolution"

31. "They Pretend To Be Us While Pretending We Don’t Exist"

32. "An Aid Worker Was Raped In South Sudan And The U.N. Did Almost Nothing About It"

33. "Twenty Minutes With Tim Cook"

34. "The War of the Hoverboards"

35. "The Dark, Scammy History Of JustFab And Fabletics "

37. "Here’s How Uber Beat The Las Vegas Taxi Industry"

38. "Famous Berkeley Astronomer Violated Sexual Harassment Policies Over Many Years"

39. "WeWork Used These Documents To Convince Investors It’s Worth Billions"

40. Another Round, Episode 28: "Madam Secretary, What's Good?"

41. On Snapchat Discover, Muslim identity.

42. "Here’s What No One Tells You About Having Both Depression And Anxiety"

43. The Black Colleges Issue

View this video on YouTube

45. The Paris Attacks

46. "Paris Attacks Stoke Fears Of Refugees — And That's What ISIS Wants"

47. "'This Is What They Did For Fun': The Story Of A Modern-Day Lynching"

48. The Summer, Fall, and Winter of Trump

Trump threw a fit about this definitive BuzzFeed News profile in 2014, and this year we've reported on his flip-flops — most notably on immigration — on the talk radio forces sticking with him, the racists who love him, the damage he's doing to the Republican attempt to woo Latinos, the ugly scene at his rallies, and the backlash against his anti-Muslim campaign.

Please also enjoy this Vine.

49. Mental Health Week

50. "How To Host Thanksgiving For The First Time Ever (For Under $100) "

51. "Meet The Two People Risking Everything To End This Crime Against Women"

52. "In 2015, The Dark Forces Of The Internet Became A Counterculture"

53. "28 Pictures That Prove 2015 Wasn’t A Completely Terrible Year"