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17 Animals Who Were You AF This Year

Animals just get us.

1. When you debuted your new look:

2. This:

3. When you asked for a trim and this happened:

4. When you showed your love and devotion to pizza:

5. Every day:

6. When you really went for your dreams:

7. And when you couldn't quite get there:

8. When you got paid on a Friday and looked at your bank account Monday:

9. When you tried to act brave during shark week.

10. When your roommate came in right when you were getting into a nap.

11. Every time Monday rolled around:

12. When you tried to eat healthy:

13. When you watched the GOP debates:

14. When you messed up but you were trying to be cool about it:

15. When you ran into your crush but you got nervous so you tried to hide:

16. When the simplest things were a struggle:

17. And finally: