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25 Times Ed Miliband Blessed Us In 2015

Oh Ed, how we miss you.

1. When he nailed this trick shot during an interview with ITV in April.


Our Ed, a dreamboat and a pool shark. Who knew?

2. When he gave the most dad response ever to learning the meaning of yolo.

Ed Miliband has the most heartwarmingly clueless reaction to finding out what yolo means (ht @TimeOutLondon) #GE2015

3. When he challenged David Cameron to debate him ~one-on-one~ in April and it was like ohhh shit.

4. When he told Jeremy Paxman, "Hell yes, I'm tough enough!"


5. When he threw this exquisite shade at David Cameron for claiming he likes really spicy food, saying: "That shows what a tough guy he is."

No, Ed, YOU'RE the tough guy, remember? 😭

6. When he treated us to this very relatable trip.

He's like the Jennifer Lawrence of British politics.

7. And this even more relatable feeling of being slightly ignored.

when u try to talk to girls in the club but they're with their squad

8. When he crashed a hen do on the campaign trail.

The stripper had just arrived for @nicolab13 hen do..! #EdMiliband


9. And was more than happy to pose for some selfies.

The ultimate selfie!!!! #chester #EdMiliband #Labour #nicolashen #hen

10. When he made the sassiest face in Miliband history while listening to Nigel Farage speak at the Leaders' debate.



11. And along with sassy glances, gave us a wistful look or two.

Ed, tired of listening to Farage and Cameron banging on, remembers a perfect summer day from his youth #leadersdebate

12. When he briefly became a rap sensation in April.

"Yo, back up now and give a brother room, The fuse is lit and I'm about to go BOOM!" #AngryEd #ge2015

13. And someone set his campaign video to 8 mile and it was too perfect.

14. When he put on a strange Cockney accent while talking to Russell Brand.

15. When he developed a following of teen girls, the Milifandom, and it made perfect sense.


16. When he thanked the Milifandom's ringleader Abby for her support, and followed her on Twitter.

@twcuddleston It’s good to hear young people who care about politics speaking up for the things they believe in.

17. And later took these excellent selfies with her.


18. When he dealt with defeat in the general election by fucking off to Ibiza, which people hoped looked something like this.

19. (But which actually looked more like this.)

20. When he blessed us with this tweet. πŸ™

Walk onto holborn tube escalator. Man shouts ' oh my god it's Nick Clegg'... Hmmm not exactly

21. When he returned to the House of Commons after his defeat and delivered some swift and excellent side-eye.

22. And told a story in his first speech back about how his son had said he "used to be famous".

Facebook: video.php


23. When his post-election Twitter game went through the roof.

@butterflygxn leave it till next year I think....

24. And he did things like leave voicemails for random people's boyfriends, for the bantz.

I appear to have a voicemail from the charming @Ed_Miliband after he bumped into my gf in Kentish Town.

25. And, of course, when he grew this lovely beard on holiday in Australia.

Everyone fucking stop everything. Ed Milibands grown a fucking beard 😍😍

See you in 2016, Milibae. πŸ’–πŸ˜­πŸ’–πŸ˜­πŸ’–πŸ˜­πŸ’–

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