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16 Times Britain Confused The Hell Out Of Rest Of The World In 2015

"Why do British people play baseball on horses?"

1. When we were still complaining about the price increase on a frog-shaped chocolate.

2. When an American discovered polo.

Flickr: nickfarnhill / Creative Commons / Twitter: @anbrll00 / BuzzFeed

3. When we purposely went out of our way to confuse everyone.

4. And our banter was just too much.

Why are british people obsessed with the word "banter"

5. When we had one Harry too many.

6. And an extra Chris Evans.

7. When Twitter was flooded with jokes after learning that David Cameron allegedly did something with a pig.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images / Twitter: @JC_Channel / BuzzFeed

8. When Americans were introduced to the word "fortnight".

9. When our Nando's was cheeky.

10. When our traditions seemed strange to outsiders.

11. When Americans couldn't grasp the concept of beans on toast.

12. When teenagers developed a fandom based around a British politician.

13. When our desserts were a little baffling.

14. When we kept going on about the DFS sale.

15. When we called our pulp "juicy bits".

16. And finally, when someone created the star signs as British memes.

i don't understand british people but I still love them

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