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12 People Who Regret Asking The Internet For Help In 2015

It's probably best to do your own photoshopping.

1. This guy who asked for help in photoshopping the Eiffel Towel under his finger.

And ended up with these:

2. This Yahoo Answers user.

Who got served a heavy dose of reality. /


3. This traveller who just wanted a perfect snap from his vacation.

And got a whole lot more than he anticipated.

4. This online dictionary user who stumbled upon the word "tappen" while searching for "happen".

And ended up learning a horrific new word.

5. This guy who wanted the blood moon moved between his fingers.

And kind of got what he was asking for.

6. This Club Penguin user who just wanted help in forming a badass gang.

And received exactly the kind of response they should have expected tbh.

7. This man who submitted the perfectly reasonable request of having a basketball photoshopped over his finger.

And, as usual, the messageboards sprang into action.

8. This Facebook user who reached out to his friends for help…

…and then realised he had none.

9. This revenge seeker, who wanted something illegal photoshopped into the image of his enemy.

And got a Kinder Egg. Which, tbf, are banned in the US.

10. Anyone who asked a British person to explain the concept of a cheeky Nando's.

11. And Channel 7 News, who just wanted a news scoop.

And got exactly that.

12. Seriously, stop asking the internet for help.

It almost never turns out well.

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