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15 Times Princess Cheeto Won Instagram In 2015

The most purrfect cat of the year.

1. When she was literally a flaming hot cheeto:

2. When she got lost in a sea of pickles:

3. When she became everybody's favourite condiment:

4. When she tried to pull off Natalie Portman's wig from Closer:

5. When she stole Donald Trump's style:

6. When she had a brunch date:

7. When she found her true home:

8. When she got a little spooky:

9. When she gave off some serious Lana Del Rey vibes:

10. When she discovered her doppelgänger:

11. When she inspired you:

12. When she was a meme:

13. When she morphed into E.T.:

14. When she rocked a hoodie:

15. And when she threw some shade:

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