Dec 31, 2015

    Here Are The 10 Most Popular 2015 Newspaper Front Pages

    The BBC's Nick Sutton and Neil Henderson tweet the front pages of every newspaper every day of the year with the hashtag #tomorrowspaperstoday. Here are their most retweeted front pages this year. (Warning: this post contains upsetting images.)

    1. The Independent - 8th January 2015

    The Independent / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 1365.

    The Charlie Hebdo terrorism attacks in Paris in January, resulting in the deaths of 11 people, provoked outrage throughout the world. This front page cartoon by Dave Brown published the following day was widely shared on social media.

    2. Daily Mirror - 8th May 2015

    Daily Mirror / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 1,209.

    For weeks the media was convinced that the General Election result would be the closest in many years, but the exit poll on the 7th May predicted the complete opposite, a comfortable Conservative majority. The two front pages of the Daily Mirror reflects this. The page on the left at 10.30pm on election night shows the surprise result of the exit poll, the front page one on the right four hours later when the prediction seemed right.

    3. The Independent and various - 2nd September 2015

    The Independent / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 1,081 / 1,070.
    The powerful heartbreaking image Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy who drowned between Turkey and Greece was published in many of newspapers in September. A montage of the newspapers was widely shared, and The Independent ran the image in full on the front page. Amol Rajan, the editor of The Independent explained why: "The power to shock is a vital instrument of journalism, and therefore democracy. Our motivation wasn’t avaricious; it was to shock the world into action, to improve refugee policy – which is why the accompanying editorial and petition had clear policy recommendations – and to put pressure on a Prime Minister whose behaviour in this crisis has been embarrassing."

    4. Various newspapers - 14th November 2015

    Daily Telegraph / La Voix / Liberation / The Sun / The Times / Daily Mirror / Daily Mail / Independent / i / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 954.
    The co-ordinated terrorist attacks in Paris in November, with involved suicide bombings and mass shootings outside of restaurants and inside the Bataclan theater, resulted in 130 deaths and more than 350 people being injured. This news obviously dominated all of the front pages in the UK for many days after and this montage of front pages the following morning was shared widely on Twitter.

    5. The Independent - 6th October 2015

    The Independent / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 883 retweets.

    Theresa May's speech at the Conservative Party conference was widely criticised in the press for attacks towards immigrant workers in the United Kingdom. It led to this front page editorial by The Independent the following day, arguing that migrants have added "tens of billions to the economy since the turn of the century."

    6. The Independent - 6th September 2015

    The Independent / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 870.

    Following concern that the British government was not doing enough to help refugees escaping from Syria, The Independent launched a petition coinciding with the #RefugeesWelcome movement. This front page was when 150,000 people signed the petition.

    7. The Mail on Sunday - March 22nd 2015

    The Mail on Sunday / / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 576.

    Nick Craven and Ben Ellery investigated Afzal Amin, a Conservative Tory Candidate who allegedly plotted with far-right extremists to incite racial hatred, to encourage voting for his political party. He later resigned his candidacy.

    8. The Guardian - 30th April 2015

    The Guardian / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

    Total retweets: 510.

    Benefits were a key election issue for the General Election and a story by Patrick Wintour about a Conservative plot to reduce the benefits bill by £8bn shared widely on social media.

    9. The Independent - 18th July 2015

    The Independent / Via Twitter: @hendopolis

    Total retweets: 493.

    This stark front page about the possible end of the Freedom of Information request, a story written by David Connett and Ian Johnston was widely shared on Twitter in July this year.

    10. Daily Mail - 21st September 2015

    Daily Mail / Via Twitter: @suttonnick

    Total retweets: 418.

    The story that the Daily Mail went with was the serialisation of Lord Ashcroft's book about David Cameron, but the real story that everyone was talking about was the allegation made in his book that Cameron “put a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pig's mouth. Downing Street refused to comment on the story.

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