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15 Proposals That Proved Love Is Alive In 2015

YES, to all of these.

Ali Velez / Via BuzzFeed

1. Wedding Reception Proposal

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Newlyweds Tyler and Chelsea decided to share the love at their wedding reception, when they helped set up a surprise proposal for the bride’s cousin, Megan, by her longtime boyfriend, Brett. There was plenty of love to go around at this wedding.

2. Pitch Perfect Proposal

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Max and his buddies learned a complete acapella routine from Pitch Perfect to serenade his girlfriend Lindsay with an aca-dorable proposal.

3. Love and Basketball

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SupermanD3 / Via

Alex “Superman” Johnson faked an injury during a one-on-one basketball game with his girlfriend, Brey Dorsett, to pull off an unexpected (and really sweet) proposal!

4. Most Magical Proposal Ever

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Niel Henry / Via

Magician Neil Henry completely nailed the only proposal you will ever see with alphabet pasta and a pyrotechnic ring presentation.

5. An Explosive Engagement

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Tyler Seth / Via

From magic to explosions, this incredible proposal happened under the guise of shooting an action film, and it's stunning.

6. Video Game Proposal

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LA Pike / Via

Lauren thought she was testing out a video game that her boyfriend Austin had built, but instead she got a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal in a game custom-designed for her!

7. Roller Coaster (Of LOVE)

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Austin Crecelius / Via

Allie once told her boyfriend Austin that life was like a roller coaster, so naturally he decided to propose to her while riding one. Luckily for us, he caught it all on camera.

8. High School Sweethearts Hospital Proposal

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Lucas D’Onofrio, 24, proposed to his high school sweetheart, 21-year-old Tamara Bruzzo in her hospital room after her last chemotherapy session, and it was just the most lovely celebration of life and love. Go ahead and grab a tissue...

9. With A Little Help From His Daughters

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Caitlin Miller / Via

When Scott Worgan proposed to his partner of six years, he knew he couldn't do it alone, so he got help from the couple's adorable daughters, Scarlett and Sienna.

10. Honoring Her Father

View this video on YouTube / Via

Tyler and Haylee have been together for almost seven years. About a year ago, Haylee lost her dad, so when Tyler was ready to pop the question, he wasn't able to ask her father for his blessing. Instead, he did the next best thing, reaching out to Haylee's siblings for their approval in one of the most touching and beautiful proposal videos ever.

11. Horror Movie Engagement

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aleckwells / Via

Katherine loves horror movies, and her favorite is the classic, Halloween. So of course her boyfriend Alec HAD TO wear the iconic mask and scare the crap out of her before asking her to marry him. Obviously.

12. Progress in China

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TopStories / Via

This video of two men getting engaged on a crowded subway line in Beijing shows how much things have changed in the public opinion on marriage equality. While same-sex marriage is still not legal in China, it is heartening to see these two men being cheered on by strangers in this lovely clip.

13. He Loved Her Since They Were 10 Years Old

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Matty Mac / Via

Sam Maccarone and Jessica Burzichelli have been together since the fifth grade. Sam wanted to do something special for his proposal, so he enlisted the help of his musician cousin Matty Mac and his filmmaker friend Domenick Cucinotta to create a music video and the whole thing is insanely charming.

14. Aussie Movie Theater Proposal

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Liam Cooper / Via

Liam and his love, Amy, were at the movies when he excused himself to "go to the bathroom." Amy was pretty shocked when the previews started and she found herself watching a film starring Liam! Spoiler alert: happy ending.

15. Epic Song and Dance Proposal

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Tom BetGeorge / Via

There aren't enough words to describe the splendor of this truly epic song and dance proposal that took six months of rehearsals to create. It's magnificent.

NBC / Via