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How 8 Black Girls Stay Lit When The World Gets Too Dark

No matter how dreary the weather or news cycle, these black girls stay lit from the inside-out with the help of self-care and makeup!

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Your style says a lot about you, like which generation you belong to!

People Are Accusing Moschino And Sephora Of Stealing This Woman-Owned Makeup Brand's Idea

The Crayon Case CEO Raynell "SupaCent" Steward tells BuzzFeed she was devastated after seeing Jeremy Scott's Moschino makeup collection with Sephora.

36 High Fashion Brands And Designers That Don't Use Blackface

High fashion labels like Gucci, Prada and Burberry have recently come under fire for what many considered to be racially insensitive designs, but there are tons of other luxury fashion brands to shop, and they're black owned!

People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Best Money Advice And I Immediately Feel Wealthier

I don't know about y'all, but I'm definitely trying to elevate my bank account this year.

These 23 Wild Work Stories Will Make You Never Want To Work Again

After reading these stories, you'll either love or hate your work office, lol.

Meet Faithe Herman, The "This Is Us" And "Shazam" Star Proving Age Is Just A Number

The 11-year-old star is coming to a silver screen near you this spring!

Bebe Rexha Calls Out Designers Who Said She Was Too Big To Dress For The Grammys

Grammy nominated singer Bebe Rexha claims that high-end designers won't dress her for the award show because she's "too big."

34 Things Some Men Believe About The Female Body That Concern Me

I think it's time for us to have an adult sex-ed class because WHEW, child.

Here's What Muslim Activist Noor Tagouri Has To Say After Vogue Misidentified Her

Journalist and activist Noor Tagouri tells BuzzFeed's As/Is that she's also been misidentified by Brides magazine, published by Vogue's media company Condé Nast, and she's been misidentified several times by other outlets as the widow of Orlando nightclub shooter, Noor Salman.

I Counted Down 10 Of Michelle Obama's Best Looks And This Is Not Up For Debate

Everything Michelle Obama wears is gorgeous anyways, but I really had to challenge myself.

Gabrielle Union's Two-Month Old Daughter Is The Most Hilarious, Shady Person On Instagram

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's two-month-old baby, Kaavia James, goes by #ShadyBaby on Instagram and we agree with everything she says.

What Had Happened Was: An Oral History Of An Iconic "Martin" Episode From Tichina Arnold

"Biggie was the first guest star that we had on the show who literally had everyone in awe. Like all of us were there with our mouths open, total fans."

A Top Modeling Agency Told Me I Was Too Fat To Sign

I hadn't realized how much influence a stranger had on my mind and my perception of beauty, just from a 20 minute meeting.

La La Anthony On Becoming The Multimedia Mogul People Said She'd Never Be

I promise you, when I was on the radio, they told me, "You'll never be on TV." When I was on TV as a VJ: "You'll never be an actress." When I was an actress: "You'll never be a producer.

Ayesha Curry Is Building A Massive Food Empire To Make Our Lives Way Easier

"I feel like I can help people keep their family relationships alive and bring people together through food. Who wouldn't want to do that?"

The Best Backstage Instagrams From The 2019 Golden Globes

If you didn't 'gram it, did it really happen?

I'm Black, My Boyfriend's Asian And We're Living The Rom-Com We'd Love To Watch

Diverse images of desirability do, in fact, have the power to provoke a fundamental change in the way others think; and not just about desiring and dating Asian men and black women.

I Never Knew 3D Hair Beads Existed Until I Saw These Louis Vuitton Ones And Now Me And Twitter Want Some

When you don't see what you want, you create your own and post it on Instagram.

34 Historic Moments That Should Have Happened Waaay Before 2018

These inspirational people are paving the way for future generations.

This Singer Was Forced To Choose Between Basketball And Opera. Now She's Performing Worldwide With Zero Regrets

"I've spoken to a lot of people and they think this is for only rich white people, and it's just not the truth, you know?"

7 Things I Know Are Worth Your Money Because I Tried Them In December

Seven beauty editor-approved products and practices that are worth trying.

50 Tweets That Made Women Piss Their Pants With Laughter In 2018

"Girls don't actually shop we just walk round touching the clothes saying 'this is cute'"

Shonda Rhimes Is Saying Yes To Saying No

BuzzFeed's women's lifestyle platform As/Is caught up with TV titan Shonda Rhimes at the Girl Collective launch event, hosted by the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

30 Amazing Gifts You Can Get From Black-Owned Brands

Bookmark this list of black-owned brands and products and gift your loved ones while also investing in the culture this holiday season.

Meet The Women Changing The Asian Music Scene For The Better

As a Taiwan transplant in NYC studying jazz and a Korean artist who completed the longest U.S. tour ever for a Korean act, it's safe to say 9M88 and Cifika, respectively, have their music career sights set on the entire world.

What Had Happened Was: An Oral History Of Mario's Teenage Slow Jam "Braid My Hair"

In the wake of his new album "Dancing Shadows," Mario opens up about the making of his 2002 classic hit "Braid My Hair," the power of black love and culture, and his journey from teen crooner to renaissance man.