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Updated on Nov 26, 2019. Posted on Oct 6, 2018

Can You Name These 50 K-Pop Ladies?

Do you know your Hyuna from your Hwasa?

  1. Who is this kween of fierce expressions?
  2. Who's mastered the art of fierce smoldering *and* orange lips?
  3. Who's a fan of wearing flowers in her hair?
  4. Who looks better than me flipping my hair literally any day?
  5. Who wouldn't you mind seeing double of? ;)
  6. Who rocks arm bangles like no one ever did?
  7. Which member of Pristin V is this teal-haired darling?
  8. Who looks fabulous sitting next to a hot pink piano?
  9. Who has a beautiful voice that's perfect for R&B-influenced pop ballads?
  10. Who isn't afraid of ~playing with fire~?
  11. Who looks ~all that~ in green colored contacts?
  12. Who might beat you in a splash fight?
  13. Who isn't afraid of giving a little 'tude?
  14. Who's in the running for the "World's Cutest Person Alive" award?
  15. Who's this pink-haired beauty?
  16. Who shows you up when it comes to hair flips?
  17. Who likes rocking short 'dos?
  18. If you *had* to be stuck in an elevator, who would you want to be there?
  19. Who gets a lil' stressed on the set of a photoshoot?
  20. Which CLC member is NOT messing around?
  21. Who is this recently crowned member of royalty?
  22. Who wants you to come along for the ride?
  23. Who looks like she's dismissing you? (Shoo!)
  24. Who's always reaching higher?
  25. Which April member is sitting pretty in a movie theater?