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    People On Twitter Are Remembering The First Episode Of "Friends" And The Wonderful Memories With It

    The series lasted 10 seasons and starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.

    On September 22, 1994, the hit TV show Friends aired on NBC, and stans celebrated the iconic sitcom's 24-year anniversary over the weekend!

    @ThatEricAlper tweeted how we all made "some new Friends" because of the show:

    24 years ago today, we all found some new Friends, as NBC aired the show for the first time.

    And @Katiepatoootie still wants friends like the cast in her actual, real life:

    i want a chandler, a joey, a ross, a rachel, a phoebe and a monica in my liiiiiifffffeeeeee 😭😭😭😭

    This Twitter user admitted that they've probably "spent a year" of their life "watching the show":

    📺2️⃣4️⃣ years ago Friends premiered. And I’ve probably spent a year of my life watching the show...

    And @nothingpersabal admitted that "i've been watching that show since I was in the womb":

    appreciation post for friends bc it’s been 24 years since it first premiered and i’ve been watching that show since i was in the womb and i love it So Much

    @Kindbeatles told us they could "never get bored of it" and that they knew "all the lines and conversations at this point":

    friends premiered 24 years ago today. after watching it for several years on a loop, knowing all the lines and conversations at this point, having clapped my hands at the intro countless times, it still remains such a good tv show. it's my go-to show, i can never get bored of it

    While @benjaminbruce confirmed that Friends made the world "a better place":

    FRIENDS premiered 24 years ago today and the world became a better place ❤️😍

    People like @brookge shared some of their favorite scenes from the show, like this scene between Chandler and Joey:

    Chandler : "Why would Monica hide Richard in the closet? " "... Maybe she's having her cake and eating it too. You being the 'cake'. Richard being the 'too' ." Oh Joey 😂😂😂 😂

    Or the episode where Joey attempts to speak French:

    What’s your favourite friends episode? I’m gonna say the one where Joey speaks French

    @MadeinTampa loved the Valentine's Day episode:

    I love that episode of Friends when it’s Valentine’s Day and Chandler and Monica promise to get each other handmade gifts and Monica forgets and can’t think of a single god damn thing to make him. YOURE A CHEF MAKE HIM FOOD

    And @Lyssabaabee loved the "What If" episode:

    @livininsuburbia I love the What If episode. If Rachel married Barry, if Monica was still fat, if Ross was still married to Carol, if Phoebe worked in stocks, if Joey was super famous and if Chandler wrote comics 😂😭

    Many loved the wedding scene between Chandler and Monica that brought us all to tears:

    I’m watching the episode where monica and chandler are getting married and i am crying my eyes out :,,)

    As well as the two's hilarious friendship:

    monica: chandler and i have this kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other's- chandler: sentences monica: please don't interrupt me

    @Recklessdamaris can't "wait to be that in love and for someone to be that in love with me":

    “I don’t think you and I were destined to end up together, I think that we fell in love and worked hard on our relationship, some days we worked really hard” I FUCKING LOVE MONICA AND CHANDLER I CAN’T WAIT TO BE THAT IN LOVE AND FOR SOMEONE TO BE THAT IN LOVE WITH ME.

    And @iqbal_hania, said what we were all thinking — Monica and Chandler are "real couple goals":

    Tbh, I think Ross and Rachel’s relationship was extremely toxic. Now, Chandler and Monica are the real couple goals. #Friends

    Did you guys watch Friends growing up? Tell us your favorite moments or episodes!