17 Models Whose Freckles We Want To See In The Next Beauty Campaign

    Who needs concealer when you can show off these beauty marks?

    1. Catriona Frean is living proof that the more freckles, the better.

    2. Nadine Leopold doesn't need any concealer because her freckles are flawless.

    3. Kyle Kellogg's dark and distinct freckles give any beauty ad that extra POP!

    4. Elise Aarnnk's soft freckles surround her entire face, and it's giving me life!

    5. Adwoa Aboah is universally known for her gorgeous freckles, and we aren't surprised.

    6. Colleen McCabe is the literal QUEEN of freckles.

    7. Sabina Karlsson's ginger freckles and matching hair are stunningly breathtaking.

    8. Nikia Phoenix looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g rocking her makeup-free, natural face.

    9. Kate Krueger's angel kisses are sent from heaven.

    10. Sleepy Angel's freckles are daring and dark, showing up in any shot.

    11. Joyjah Estrada's freckles blend perfectly with her red roots, making her the perfect muse.

    12. Alia Jolie's lively blue eyes make her beautiful freckles even more vibrant.

    13. Andrea Michelle's freckles were given so much life with this marvelous makeup look.

    14. Selena Johnson's freckles may be faint but they're making me faint with how exquisite they are.

    15. Natasha Heal's shaved head and subtle freckles give her the bold look we all dream of.

    16. Naja Derenoncourt's freckles, alongside with her big, bright smile, are literal eye candy.

    17. And Shelby Coleman is serving face with this minimal makeup look that allows her freckles to really shine through.