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    20 "Crazy Rich Asians" Reactions That Will Make You Hit That Retweet Button

    Hubba, hubba — representation is sexy! Also, lots of tears.

    1. First off, have you stopped crying? 'Cause I haven't:

    still can't get over #crazyrichasians and fully articulate how / what i'm feeling. my eyes are still burning from crying. IT'S SO MEANINGFUL AND IMPORTANT TO ME. in improv, we're taught four motivations: to be wanted, loved, seen and heard. i'll be over here in my puddle of tears

    @ohmgee / Via Twitter: @ohmgee

    2. Neither can Awkwafina, one of the many breakout stars of the film:

    I swear if I tear up one more goddamn time today

    @awkwafina / Via Twitter: @awkwafina

    I dare you to read this letter and *not* feel all the feels.

    3. When Asians get to act out multifaceted personalities onscreen — like, you know, in real life:

    #CrazyRichAsians uplifted and healed a part of my psyche. It was so amazing seeing SO MANY familiar features on the big screen, all acting so different and so human!!!

    @mingdoyle / Via Twitter: @mingdoyle

    4. Not to mention, when both sides of the Asian American experience are explored and it's a beautiful thing:

    Y’all gotta watch and support #CrazyRichAsians because I saw this movie today, and sobbed because I am an Asian-American woman, and to see the clash between Asian culture and Asian-American culture on the screen makes me feel like I am finally being seen and heard.

    @tinidornkutsara / Via Twitter: @tinidornkutsara

    5. A comprehensive bullet point rundown, for people who love lists (I have no idea who that'd be!!!?):

    OKAY I SAW IT HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS: 1. cast Awkwafina in everything 2. Asian male thirst shots >>>> 3. V good soundtrack 4. DUMPLING WRAPPING SCENE V AUTHENTIC 5. Seeing an Asian-American girl get a happy fairytale ending utterly dazzled me. The end.

    @delia_cai / Via Twitter: @delia_cai

    AWKWAFINA FOR LYFE. Also, BRB, belting out "我要你的爱!" ("Wo Yao Ni De Ai" = "I want your love!") to strangers on the street and FaceTiming my mom while I make dumplings from scratch for the first time. Also, switching to teaching game theory at NYU.

    6. Of course, even success leads to jokes we can't help but make:

    @christinelu / Via Twitter: @christinelu

    But, for the record, its Rotten Tomatoes rating was at 100% at the point.

    7. Because like, the only real number we care about is:

    So @Fandango says #CrazyRichAsians is outpacing #GirlsTrip's advance sales. I'd be stunned if CRA beat GT's amazing $31M open, but CRA isn't competing with GT. You know what number *I* care about beating? $18.6M. That's what #GhostInTheShell opened to.

    @originalspin / Via Twitter: @originalspin

    Good thing there are predictions that Crazy Rich Asians will top $30 million over its debut weekend, AMIRITE?? 🤑

    8. Just to be clear, we keep it extremely real too:

    We can love, support AND criticize something at the same time. #CrazyRichAsians is ground-breaking for representation in Hollywood. FACT. "Asians" does not mean ALL Asians. FACT. The movie does not cover the often oppressed brown & non-Chinese people of Singapore. FACT.

    @jennyyangtv / Via Twitter: @jennyyangtv

    We're not ignoring its faults by any means, but don't you try to step on our well-deserved pride either. Praise and constructive criticism can coexist.

    9. In regards to media coverage that downplays the very clear, historical step — no matter how small you debate that it is — Crazy Rich Asians points us towards better representation, we bring you this valid argument:

    #CrazyRichAsians doesn’t capture the diversity of the Asian experience but THERE WAS A MOVIE ABOUT GROWN ASS MEN PLAYING TAG and I couldn’t relate to that so this is the closest thing I have #RepresentationMatters #GoldOpen

    @TessParas / Via Twitter: @tessparas

    10. To put it even more simply:


    @ajRAFAEL / Via Twitter: @ajrafael

    Again, I think we can ALL agree there are problems regarding representation given the East Asian, Singaporean-centric book it's based on, and that there is plenty of room for much-needed discussion, but let us not forget that IT'S A SINGLE TWO-HOUR-LONG MOVIE.

    How 'bout you try to carry the burden of perfectly representing an entire continent of people for the first time in 25 years? And, oh, if you fuck up, it might be another 25 years until you get another chance to try again.

    11. TFW when you get to experience what white people have seen/felt/laughed along to ALL ALONG:

    As a KoreanAm adopted into whiteness, #CrazyRichAsians was everything I needed in my youth. No othering or tokenization. For once, I felt we were the default. Must be how white people feel most of the time. Beauty, romance, fantasies, & laughs made for us. Wow. 💛 More please!

    @jessicasunlee / Via Twitter: @jessicasunlee

    12. BRB, calling my mom to tell her to watch this movie, even if she doesn't understand most of it:

    Hearing stories from my Asian American friends that their immigrant mothers want to see #CrazyRichAsians—some never even go to the movies anymore.

    @nancywangyuen / Via Twitter: @nancywyuen

    13. Mom: "Why are you babbling through the phone...?"


    @gunnarolla / Via Twitter: @gunnarolla

    14. This dude who literally took the words out of my own mouth:

    For whatever it’s worth*, #CrazyRichAsians is better the second time around. The first time I was just in awe of all the asian faces on the big screen. This time I got to focus on it being a proper romcom - lots of laughs and tears. *$16, another movie ticket. Do it.

    @jachiou / Via Twitter: @jachiou

    I noticed so many little details I didn't the first time around! I wasn't as hyper-focused on its historical significance, and just felt at ease. I laughed louder, cried harder, and even cringed a bit more.

    15. And this girl who will keep repeating these words, alongside many others, until entertainment industry execs truly get this concept through their heads:

    After #CrazyRichAsians I hope people realize that saying you "can't find" East Asian actors/actress can't be an excuse anymore.

    @xnniemal / Via Twitter: @xnniemal

    *and South Asians, Pacific Islanders, mixed Asians, etc.

    16. And while we're at it, this is a dandy time for some good 'ol shade:

    I really enjoyed #CrazyRichAsians, but I was totally confused by the absence of Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon. How are we supposed to navigate the Asian experience in movies without the white gaze? Where’s my faithful white avatar?

    @TonyNormanPG / Via Twitter: @TonyNormanPG

    *sips Oolong tea*

    17. A very important observation about award nominations:

    For all the people saying #CrazyRichAsians is too light-hearted for Michelle Yeoh to get an Oscar nomination, I point you to Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder...

    @karenmpeterson / Via Twitter: @karenmpeterson

    18. On a lighter note, for everyone who is ready to throw all of their money at some CRA merch:

    Looking for a shirt that says “bok bok bitch” for a friend...#CrazyRichAsians Ok, it’s for me 🙋🏻‍♀️

    @laughforkicks / Via Twitter: @laughforkicks

    No one's swerving like a chicken here!

    19. A bunch of celebs, including, Harry Shum Jr., Eric Nam, Maia and Alex Shibutani, and Kina Grannis are buying out showings and announcing a free-for-all for their followers, but lovely non-celebrity folks are offering to buy tickets as well, which, wow:

    Seriously followers- if you were not planning to see #CrazyRichAsians because you can’t afford it, DM me and I’ll pay for your ticket. I’m not a crazy rich Asian but being two out of the three makes this an important investment to me. #TonyPass

    @Crazy4ComicCon / Via Twitter: @Crazy4ComicCon

    It's THAT important, y'all. #goldopen

    20. And of course, above all else, watch it because it's a thoughtful, hilarious, and DAMN GOOD movie!

    Mostly though just go see #CrazyRichAsians cause it’s a good movie. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    @chloebennet / Via Twitter: @chloebennet

    Even if you're not Asian or Asian American, it's worth a watch. Or three. I promise.

    Thinking over my Acquire-A-Nick-Young plan like:

    Want more Crazy Rich Asians? Here's Henry Golding playing with kittens, because this is the unbridled cuteness that we all deserve:

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