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    15 Things To Talk About With Women In Their 30s

    Fun fact: Women are multi-dimensional human beings who can have conversations that have nothing to do with marriage and motherhood.

    What if I told you not all women aspire to be wives and mothers? What if I told you that even those who do still have identities and interests outside of those roles? I know, unbelievable. Here are some great talking points that have nothing to do with marriage and babies for the next time you meet a complex, multi-dimensional woman, also known as a human being.

    1. "What's your favorite food/restaurant?"

    2. "Men are trash, amirite?!"

    3. "Can we just take a sec. to talk about how we're still not over Beychella?"

    4. "How's work going?"

    5. "What do you like to do on the weekends?"

    6. "Did you see the Obamas vacation pics?"

    7. "Have you seen 'Crazy Rich Asians' yet?"

    8. "What's your ultimate goal?"

    9. "Who's your favorite activist, dead or alive?"

    10. "What's your favorite book?"

    11. "What's your self-care routine?"

    12. "What's your mom like?"

    13. "Where's your favorite place to travel?"

    14. "Who would you love to see run for office?"

    15. "How's your day?"

    The most important thing to remember is, SHE'S A COMPLEX, LAYERED, GROWN WOMAN!