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    15 Things To Talk About With Women In Their 30s

    Fun fact: Women are multi-dimensional human beings who can have conversations that have nothing to do with marriage and motherhood.

    What if I told you not all women aspire to be wives and mothers? What if I told you that even those who do still have identities and interests outside of those roles? I know, unbelievable. Here are some great talking points that have nothing to do with marriage and babies for the next time you meet a complex, multi-dimensional woman, also known as a human being.

    Vanity Fair

    1. "What's your favorite food/restaurant?"


    Women are people, and people LOVE to eat. Inquiring about a woman's favorite food or restaurant is sure to make for an exciting conversation. If you hate those awkward moments of silence, this is the talking point for you! Before you know it, the two of you will be knee-deep in dialogue about Shake Shack's perfectly crisp and juicy Chicken Shack.

    Note: "Can you cook?" is NOT synonymous to "What's your favorite food?"

    2. "Men are trash, amirite?!"

    Enough said.

    3. "Can we just take a sec. to talk about how we're still not over Beychella?"

    Beyoncé, the greatest performer alive, made history as the first black woman to headline Coachella on April 14, 2018. Her set was so epic that fans around the world hashtagged the event #Beychella and played O.T. Genasis' "Everybody Mad" on repeat as they filled out applications to their nearest HBCU. The historic moment offers a range of talking points, like how the performance was an ode to black college culture, and how it took so long for a black woman to headline the festival.

    4. "How's work going?"

    According to the United States Department of Labor, "57% percent of women participate in the labor force." That means it's very likely that when you meet a women she'll have a job that you can ask about. Who knows, if you're a man you may learn something fascinating, like how she's more qualified than you but makes less money?!

    5. "What do you like to do on the weekends?"

    Did you know that women enjoy activities? Yes, like all humans should, we clean our homes and organize our lives when we have time, but we also like to ski, hike, swim, read, watch TV, shop, drive around and sightsee with no destination in mind, and so much more.

    6. "Did you see the Obamas vacation pics?"

    Watching the 44th first family of the United States and their life post-White House is bitter-sweet for us all. Are we happy they're living their best lives? Yes. Are we salty they left us? Yes. A conversation about our faves will be one filled with smiles, laughs and a few tears.

    7. "Have you seen 'Crazy Rich Asians' yet?"

    Crazy Rich Asians is "the first Hollywood studio production with an all-Asian cast and Asian American lead roles in 25 years." The film brought in $35 million its first five days, and movie-goers are still packing out the theaters to catch the historic production. The topics to explore here are endless: the power of representation, what this means for other Asian-led films, colorism in Hollywood, how glamorous and fashionable all the characters were, how we need Constance Wu on the cover of every magazine ASAP, and more.

    8. "What's your ultimate goal?"

    People get passionate when they talk about their dreams. Share your long-term goals, and ask your woman acquaintance about hers.

    9. "Who's your favorite activist, dead or alive?"

    You can tell a lot about someone by who their heroes are. Asking about her favorite activist is a quick way to learn about the social issues she's most passionate about.

    10. "What's your favorite book?"

    Book are always a good ice breaker. People love talking about their favorite books, just as much as they love talking about their favorite TV shows — maybe even more because who doesn't want an opportunity to low-key brag about how smart and well-read they are?!

    11. "What's your self-care routine?"

    If there's one thing we all need, it's self-care (along with food, water, and shelter of course). Thanks to the millennials —yes, us 30-somethings are included in there— talking openly about how we preserve our mental and emotional wellbeing is a thing, and sharing our self-care experiences with each other is always enlightening. Women also have the best self-care tips, so take mental notes when you ask.

    12. "What's your mom like?"

    People loooooove talking about their moms. And we love talking about them the older we get because it means our moms are getting older and funnier and funnier. Start the convo with a hilarious thing your mom, or older parental figure, texted you and whoever you're talking to will one-up you with an even more hilarious text. An hour later, you'll both be exchanging mom stories back and forth, smiling, laughing and missing them like crazy.

    13. "Where's your favorite place to travel?"

    So this is a good question for all the same reasons as number 10. People wanna tell you all about their travels, whether abroad or up the street at Six Flags. There's probably a wild and/or funny memory attached to their trip, and they love bringing it up every chance they get. Also, lots of helpful info can come from this convo if one of you is going somewhere the other has already been.

    14. "Who would you love to see run for office?"

    Literally everyone has an opinion on who would make for a great president. Asking who'd make a good candidate is also a good setup for a more in depth conversation around politics if you don't want to come out of the gate like, "So what's your stance on [insert controversial topic here that has the entire nation divided]?".

    15. "How's your day?"

    It feels good when people genuinely ask about you. That's all.

    The most important thing to remember is, SHE'S A COMPLEX, LAYERED, GROWN WOMAN!