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    13 Instagram Sex Experts Who'll Make You Feel Waaaay Less Awkward About Sex

    It's the pleasure principle.

    There's a new vanguard of sex-positive advocates and professionals using social platforms like Instagram and Youtube to challenge the misconceptions and taboos around all-things-sex, while also promoting sexual expression, and safe and consensual sex. Here are 13 game-changers who are leading the charge, both on and offline:

    1. Recent college grad Tasneem Nathari uses her multimedia platform Hoodrat Feminist TV to talk about everything from sexual liberation to women in hip-hop, and to celebrate around the way girls worldwide. Bad bitches link up!

    2. Sexuality doula and sex educator Ev'Yan Whitney does it all, from running the longtime Sex Love Liberation blog and The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast to teaching several online courses and workshops on reclaiming one's sensuality. We stan a digital renaissance woman!

    3. A board certified sex coach and podcast host, Raquel Savage is on a mission to erase shaming stigmas around sex and sexuality. Scrolling through her #ThoughtProvokingThirstTraps pics will have you saying "Zamnnn" but also "Preach!"

    4. Sex educator Ericka Hart, M.Ed. is a self-described "kinky, poly, cancer-warrior, activist and performer" on an inspiring mission to frame desire and pleasure as political, and ultimately dismantle white supremacist patriarchy for good. And she slays a photoshoot like no other.

    5. At the core of sex-positivity lies self-love and that's exactly what singer-musician Lizzo is all about, whether she's empowering you to be your finest, best self in her power anthem "Good As Hell," or whining like an actual goddess on Instagram.

    6. Sam, Rob, Akua, and Rebecca are the four black 20-something feminists behind Inner Hoe Uprising, a smart, hilarious, and SUPER informative podcast about sex, love, and dating. From parenting while poly to healing from sexual trauma, they truly cover it ALLLL.

    7. There's much more to sex and sexuality than meets the eye. That's why community organizer and social worker Sonalee Rashatwar M.Ed. has dedicated her career to exploring nuanced areas like sexual colonization, decolonial sexualities, and South Asian sexuality. What an intersectional queen!

    8. New BFF-in-ur-head alert! Because when it comes to sharing her journey of healing sexual trauma and exploring her divine feminine sexuality, nothing's too weird, embarrassing, or shameful for Grace Victory. The Brit vlogger's recent vlog on masturbation and sex toys is a must-watch.

    9. Shan Boodram—AKA Shan Boody—lives at the intersection of love, sex, and media. As a certified sex educator, dating coach, and relationship expert, she's racked up more than 30 million Youtube views and is a contributing writer for the hit show The Bold Type. Can you say multimedia mogul?

    10. Riddle me this: Who runs an award-winning sex and relationship blog and has produced a ton of insightful Youtube videos, launched her own apparel and sex toy line, and authored two books? Dami Olonisakin of Simply Oloni, that's who!

    11. Through her Youtube channel GLAMerotica101, sexpert Tyomi Morgan-Najieb helps her 300K+ subscribers have more fulfilled sexual experiences, while also raising awareness around sexual health. Fun fact: Tyomi founded the Real Love Church, which she co-ministers with her partner Na'lm.

    12. When you get a second, do yourself a huge favor and visit Rafaella and Dalychia's website Afrosexology, a treasure trove of curriculum-based workshops like Radical Twerk and Mirrors, Magic & Masterbation, anonymous love letters, sex-positive black art, an insightful blog, and much more.

    13. Ashleigh Nicole Tribble is an intersectional feminist and self-declared "steeze slut" who curates a fly AF Instagram page chock-full of beautiful sex and body positive folks, very "it me" memes, and other cool content that'll make you hit that follow button ASAP.

    Who are YOUR favorite sex-positive influencers? Let us know in the comment section below!