These 23 Wild Work Stories Will Make You Never Want To Work Again

    After reading these stories, you'll either love or hate your work office, lol.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest things their boss or coworkers have done. Here are some of the strange-yet-funny responses:

    1. The hickey-wound:

    2. The masturbator:

    "My manager out of nowhere asked if I masturbate, and after I said I was not comfortable with answering, she offered to go out and buy me a dildo."


    3. The broken leg:

    "One of my coworkers at my last job was a nightmare! We'll call her Sue. Our other coworker, Becky, was taking a lot of time off to take care of her very ill mother, and Sue could not handle the fact that Becky was getting more attention than her. This began a long string of events where Sue would fake some form of drama about once a month to get sympathy.

    It all came to a head when Sue came into work with a very obvious limp. A few customers asked her what happened, and we learned that she had apparently tripped over a dog gate and injured her leg. That day, she left at lunch and came back with a boot she had gotten from home. That transformed into a pair of crutches, and eventually a wheelchair.

    The hilarious part is that she was normally the first one in, but one day right at the beginning, one of our other coworkers beat her into the office. Sue didn't know she was there, and walked in perfectly normal. Later that day, when everyone was in the office, the pronounced limp was back."


    4. The spreadsheet:

    5. The wedding fiasco:

    "My manager tried to stop me from getting a day off work. What day? My WEDDING day."


    6. The timer:

    "My supervisor timed the nurses in a recovery room for every action of patient care."


    7. The FedEx package:

    8. The dishwasher:

    "I worked as a receptionist for a local textiles company for about seven years. They started dumping odd jobs on me and my co-receptionist, who I shared the front office with. One of my 'jobs' included loading and unloading the dishwasher in our rather large company kitchen. I would load and run it at the end of the day. It turns out people would stay late, open the dishwasher to put their coffee cups or Tupperware in, and forget to start it back up. For some reason this INFURIATED the HR person, who would go out of her way to drag me from my real job to hand wash dishes that hadn’t been washed the night before. As if that wasn’t bad enough she was badmouthing me to my coworkers by saying I was 'so dumb I couldn’t press a start button'."


    9. The key holder:

    "My last job had a coworker who worked more hours than me, but never actually worked! She was a key holder and kept giving me all the jobs she didn't want to do. She had never worked retail before, yet they passed me over as key holder despite working for them four years and having 10 years of experience. She also used to steal my snacks that I kept at work."


    10. The makeup case:

    11. The CEO girlfriend:

    "I worked at a tissue bank (we processed bone and tissue from organ donors and sold them to hospitals) and I was in charge of shipping and inventory. There are a lot of steps to make sure everything is safe, and if you lose track of something, it’s insanely expensive. I was supposed to train my manager, who was the CEO’s girlfriend and had no idea how anything worked. When I tried to walk her through the steps, she just looked at her phone, waved me off and said, 'Just write everything down.'"


    12. The dumb blonde:

    "I worked at a jewelry store with the manager from hell. When I was learning the job and would ask him a question he felt was stupid, he'd say , 'You're just a dumb blonde, I wouldn't expect you to know that.' Another time, I asked for one weekend off in a six-month period and he said 'A weekend off in retail?! Are you smoking crack?'"


    13. The email fix:

    14. The organic tampon:

    "My boss offered me organic tampons, and I told her that it's okay, I didn't need them since I have an IUD and I no longer get a period. She then started yelling at me, saying how I'm giving myself cancer and poisoning my body."


    15. The host evaluation:

    "I used to host at a restaurant and I started a casual relationship with one of the bartenders. After each post-sex cuddle session, he would tell me all of the things I could be doing better as a host. Basically he wanted me to take on some of his own duties while minimizing my own, since his position was 'more important.'"


    16. The sick colleague:

    17. The name game:

    "My coworker didn’t bother to learn how to pronounce my name (roo-chee) so she gave me a bunch of different names, including: Rayjay, Raja, and my personal favorite Ratatouille."


    18. The company lick:

    "At one company holiday party, a co-worker grabbed my hand and licked (full on lapped) my palm."


    19. The darkness inside:

    20. The opinion:

    "A manager once told me that I shouldn't have opinions, only ideas. I'm a supervisor with a staff of 22, you bet your sweet ass I have opinions about what's going to impact them and the work we do."


    21. The climber:

    "A coworker climbed across my desk to touch me. Granted, I had boxed myself in, trying to avoid a harmless friend hug. But still."


    22. The two-week notice:

    "My first job was at a very high-end dress store, and I worked there for almost two years. I had to quit because I was going to college, and when I told the manager that I was quitting, she literally told me no. Not in a joking way like 'No we need you here, haha” but 'no' like she wasn’t accepting my two weeks. I walked out and didn’t show up for my shift the next day, and got a text from her asking where I was and how she hoped everything was okay."


    23. And finally, the great escape:

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    The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.