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18 Secrets No One Tells You About Coachella

Write this down!

Coachella 2019 kicks off on April 12 and before it arrives, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to spill all their secrets and hacks to share with first-time attendees.

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Here's what they had to say:

1. If you're camping on festival grounds, bring warm clothes and lots of blankets.

David Mcnew / Getty Images

"I wish we packed warmer clothes/blankets for camping. It got much cooler than we expected at night! Bring more gear than you think you'll need."


2. You're going to need a ton of ice.

David Mcnew / Getty Images

"Be prepared to carry tons of ice from the trucks delivering it around the campground. We must have bought two a day."


3. If you walk far enough, you'll find special luxury bathrooms.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

"There are tons of Porta Potties inside the festival but if you go all the way towards the back there are usually bungalows with flushable restrooms and mirrors that are meant for VIP wristbands but secret is no one is usually watching them." —monican4ac957f79

4. BUT if you decide to use the Porta Potties, you'll need to bring some tools.

Roger Kisby / Getty Images

"Bring baby wipes and a headlamp for the portable bathrooms, if you're camping. Baby wipes will help with just about everything and the headlamp will help you see in the dark." —katie45d798706

5. Think of hair styles that won't require much hassle or an outlet.

Matt Winkelmeyer

"Girls, if you’re camping, fine a cute way to style your hair naturally (without hot tools). Some days you’ll find a plug for your straightener/curler, and the next day the fuses will probably be blown so practice your braids and embrace the natural hair!" —monican4ac957f79

6. Decide on meeting spots beforehand, just in case you and your friends want to split up.

David Mcnew / AFP / Getty Images

"It’s okay to separate from your friend group for a while to see the bands that you want. Just make sure you have a designated meet spot, like speaker A5 at the main stage." —marisaa5

7. Make sure your campsite is secure.

Karl Walter / Getty Images

"STAKE EVERYTHING DOWN!! If you’re camping, make sure everything is secured because random wind storms will come out of nowhere and it’s not fun when one of your canopies flies away because you forgot to stake it down."


8. Cool off with a lightweight fan.

Presley Ann / Getty Images

"Bring hand fans. They do wonders when you’re stuck in one place for some time." —genevap4d8abf65b

9. Set alarms.

St_aurora72 / Getty Images

"Set alarms on your phone to remind you of set times. Try to set it a little earlier than the actual set time, so you can give yourself a little wiggle room to walk there." —amybelete

10. Airplane mode will save you battery time.

Faithiecannoise / Getty Images

"In order to save battery, put your phone on airplane mode, especially if you don’t need to contact anyone. It's clutch every year. You can post all your pics and videos to the gram later!"


11. Beware of dust!

David Mcnew / Getty Images

"Bring something to cover your face or you will be blowing your nose with dirt coming out. Try a face mask or bandana, and maybe sunglasses so dust particles don't get in your eyes." —a4869fee1e

12. Save money and stay hydrated by bringing your own reusable plastic water bottle.

Oriba / Getty Images

"They have free water fill stations but the lines are wildly long, so try to get water before you need it." —a4869fee1e

13. Time stamps will become your best friend.

Jacoblund / Getty Images

"If you’re texting someone, include the time at which you’re sending a text in the body of the message! In certain areas it’s difficult to send/receive texts. By including the time sent in the message, you can make sure the person receiving the message knows what time you actually sent the text and whether it’s still relevant or not!" —nikitagulati

14. Bring extra cash for food or eat before you arrive.

Viktorcvetkovic / Getty Images

"Eat before you go to the festival, because food is expensive!"


15. When it comes to shoes, think comfort over style.

Presley Ann / Getty Images

"Wear shoes you could walk 10 miles in, because that’s what it’s gonna feel like."


16. Go easy on the makeup, because the sun might melt it off.

Vladimirfloyd / Getty Images

"Wear sunblock, and go light on the makeup if you can. Honestly, the first time I went in full-face I had a horrible time. I was constantly worried about how my makeup looked after sweating so much. Tinted moisturizer with an SPF, eyebrows, and tinted chapstick are as far as i go now. Plus ALL the glue-on rhinestones/glitter." — Kersten Horgan, Facebook

17. The sun rays are brutal, so bring backup protection.

Matt Cowan / Getty Images

"Bring a parasol/umbrella to shade yourself from the sun. I have a parasol that I bought in Japan that I brought with me as a cute accessory for one outfit. I ended up using it the entire festival to shield myself!!" — Samantha Sims, Facebook

18. Shower timing is crucial.

Youngoldman / Getty Images

"Don't take showers in the morning. There will be a line. Wait until mid afternoon when everyone is in the festival." — Samantha Sims, Facebook