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People Are Showing What Their Natural Hair Looks Like Wet Vs. Dry, And The Transformations Are Stunning

Prepare to be amazed.

If you didn’t already know, natural curls go through a bit of a transformation when they're wet and then dry.

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For example, many people with naturally curly, kinky, and coily hair experience shrinkage after wetting their hair — which is when hair shrinks to less than its actual length as it dries. It's completely normal and means that the hair strands are healthy and have good elasticity!

A woman with natural hair pulls on a strand of hair to show her shrinkage
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The amount of shrinkage people experience varies based on factors like hair texture and porosity.

Recently, people on TikTok have been showing the difference between their natural hair when it's wet and dry, and the transformations are breathtaking.


It started when influencer Jasmine Brown (known as @jasmeanbrown) uploaded a TikTok sharing the transformation of her curly hair wet vs. dry and styled. She also encouraged other users to do the same and make it a new trend.


I wanna see this trend start‼️ #newtrend #fyp #hair

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1. Here are Jasmine's results:

TikToker Jasmine Brown shows her wet curls vs them dry, a tad shorter but even more defined
@jasmeanbrown / Via

Did someone say VOLUME???

2. After Jasmine's video, several other TikTokers joined in on the trend — like @bilaldelpesche:

This TikTok user shows off wet and loose curls vs dry and defined curls
@bilaldelpesche / Via

Full TikTok here.

3. @tiahdevine showcased the before-and-after magic of shrinkage vs. stretched-out hair:

This user shows her natural hair in its wet and shrunken state vs when it's dry and stretched out to reveal her actual length
@tiahdevine / Via

Full TikTok here.

4. @kattblaze__ showed off the results of her finger coils:

This user used finger coils to define her natural hair while wet then shows the finished product: defined and bouncy curls
@kattblaze__ / Via

Full TikTok here.

5. @ayoolasamuel12 (also known as @sincerely_yoolie on Instagram) shared her wet to dry look:

This user shows her natural hair while its wet vs while its dry and even curlier than before
@ayoolasamuel12 / Via

Full TikTok here.

6. @heavenhumphreys showed off her transformation:

This user shows her wet curls vs them dried, where she has lots of curly ringlets
@heavenhumphreys / Via

Full TikTok here.

7. Here's @blessseen's wet vs. dry results:

This user shows her natural hair while wet then shows how much shrinkage she gets when it's dry, but pulling a strands of hair way past her shoulders
@blessseen / Via

Full TikTok here.

8. Here's @giofilipinohair:

This user has very long curly hair while let then shows slight shrinkage but way more volume when dry
@giofilipinohair / Via

Full TikTok here.

9. @yaboyzekee:

This user shows his curls wet then dry where the curls are shorter but still defined
@yaboyzekee / Via

Full TikTok here.

10. @quamikab:

This user shows off her defined curls wet vs dry
@quamikab / Via

Full TikTok here.

11. @aliana_king:

This user shares her curls wet vs dry where she shows off layers and layers of curls
@aliana_king / Via

Full TikTok here.

12. And @amari_music:

This TikTok user shows he multi-colored curly hair wet vs dry, where she has big voluminous and colorful curls
@amari_music / Via

Full TikTok here.

I don't know about you, but I love seeing people embrace their gorgeous hair all over my For You page!!!

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Check out the trend on TikTok for more wet to dry hair transformations, and follow these creators for more of their content!

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