18 Things Every Woman Knows To Be True

    Raise your hand if any of these apply to you *raises hand*

    Akshara Ashok, a poppin' illustrator on Instagram, draws amazing sketches of what it's like for so many of us to be a woman. Honestly, how many of these things can you relate to?

    1. You slayed during your freshman year but threw in the towel by senior exams:

    2. You know the idea of a strapless bra is better than actually having a strapless bra:

    3. Your drunk thoughts circle around one thing and one thing only...

    4. ...And your brain knows how to prioritize what's important and what's not:

    5. You have very little self control when it comes to money management:

    6. You realize that ripped jeans are cute until you're trying to get into them:

    7. You know that your boob is never going to stay confined to your tank top. NEVER:

    8. And that the fight between lip gloss and long hair is a never-ending battle:

    9. You know you're not even going out with your homegirls, so you say you have "plans":

    10. What you want to buy for yourself is too basic from what everyone else is wearing:

    11. You are in tune with yourself and know all the real reasons why you eat:

    12. You grieve when you mess up your favorite panties on your period:

    13. The expectations versus reality of your body is real, AF:

    14. As are the expectations you had for perky lifted boobs all day every day:

    15. You know deodorant is a blessing to your armpits but a curse to your black clothes:

    16. You can't enjoy a fresh mani for too long because clearly you're a child:

    17. And commercials have seriously lied to you about how easy shaving is:

    18. But through it all, you already know what's the best part of your day:

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