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    Gabrielle Union's Two-Month Old Daughter Is The Most Hilarious, Shady Person On Instagram

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's two-month-old baby, Kaavia James, goes by #ShadyBaby on Instagram and we agree with everything she says.

    Will Smith has been on Instagram for about a year now, and his produced videos skydiving, scuba diving, and stocking shelves at Target had undeniably made him our absolute favorite person to follow...

    ...Untiiiil Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's beautiful baby girl Kaavia James decided to start an account of her own. She says what we're all thinking but too chicken to say, and we stan an unapologetic queen so here are some of her best pics and captions!

    1. When she didn't like the potato salad:

    2. When someone just had to ask if she liked said potato salad:

    3. When she was running late:

    4. When she tried to be polite but her face said it all:

    5. When she spoke up for herself:

    6. When she shaded her dad:

    7. And then when she shaded her mom:

    8. When she was fed UP with phonetics...

    9. ...And the paparazzi:

    10. When she was saving face:

    11. When she clapped back at the haters:

    12. When she was prepping for her dad's retirement:

    13. When she made it VERY clear how much she would contribute:

    14. And when she was over your company:

    15. When she had another trick up her sleeve:

    16. When she was in the middle of a very important discussion:

    17. When she actually invented the famous line from a show 40 years her senior...

    18. ...and the line by every black mother ever.

    19. When she named Ariana Grande's hit record:

    20. When she just needed to vent:

    21. When she felt the spirit:

    22. When she had the greatest interruption of all time:

    23. When she showed very little remorse for eating someone else's food:

    24. When she heard her song come on:

    25. When she was hungry and had no time for games:

    26. When she was fearless and ready to do whatever needed to be done:

    27. When she was over all the recalls:

    28. When she appreciated the arts:

    29. When she was still digesting a few things:

    30. When she was everyone's mood for 2019:

    31. And when she was perfectly adorable, as always:

    Here's to Kaavia James, our Insta Queeeeeeen!