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    Universal Standard Has A New Collection In Sizes 00-40 And The Campaign Is Beautiful

    Finally an essentials line that's size-inclusive and looks GOOD!

    On Monday, plus-size retailer Universal Standard announced on Instagram that they are launching Foundation, "A collection of 7 supremely soft, fit-first layering basics, for the first time, serving sizes 00-40."

    Polina Veksler, Co-Founder and CEO, told As/Is, “We’re aiming to show all of us, as we are. Through the campaign and the collection, we are showing the industry what fashion really looks like and we hope others will follow this example.”

    Each piece in the line is engineered to fit every single size so women of all body types can feel amazing. “We’re erasing arbitrary lines of the past in favor of a future in which women, regardless of size, can shop from the same rack,” Alexandra Waldman, Co-Founder and CCO, told As/Is. “We founded Universal Standard with the singular goal of leveling the playing field and allowing all women to have equal access to style, quality, and fit.”

    People on Instagram, like @blackpluswomen, were excited that this is FINALLY happening, :

    Some people were left "speechless" from the beautiful campaign shots:

    @Globalteikei noted how tough it can be "to find clothing for certain body types," and how they "appreciate a company who finally gets it":

    @k_demoro_photog was so proud to scream that "ALL bodies matter":

    And others, like @bodycourage and @evapogossian, thanked Universal Standard for this monumental moment:

    The Foundation collection will be available on beginning October 18th. Prices range from $35 to $200 for all seven pieces, which can be purchased individually, or in a four-piece or seven-piece kit.

    Here's to body diversity and inclusion!