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34 Things Some Men Believe About The Female Body That Concern Me

I think it's time for us to have an adult sex-ed class because WHEW, child.

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest misconceptions men have had about women's bodies. Here are SOME...thoughts:

1. We only need eye contact for an orgasm:

2. There's only one way to get a UTI:

"A guy I used to work with grounded his 13-year-old daughter for having a UTI because the only way she could get one was by having sex." —taylorzufall

3. And we should use a box of Q-tips for our periods:

"In my last year of school, a guy asked me why girls didn't use Q-tips instead of tampons. I told him the Q-tip wouldn't absorb all the blood from a period. He said, 'Why not use the whole box then?'" —beatrizc4184ba0d2

4. A woman will die in missionary position:

"A man told me he never has missionary sex because if a woman is on her back during sex with her head hanging over the edge of the bed, she will literally break her neck when she comes." —ashley-elizabethj

5. We can hold in our periods like pee:

6. Shoving knees into our vagina feels great:

"When cuddling, by having their knee shoved against your clothed vagina, you will surely have an orgasm. This was told to me as he kept pushing it uncomfortably on my vagina." —cocopa

7. We only orgasm from large penises:

"I was told the size of a man's penis is the determining factor in female pleasure. He really thought only a big penis will give a woman an orgasm." —emilybatsont

8. We don't poop:

"This guy I knew from high school told me that he doesn’t believe girls poop because we’re not supposed to do gross things. I said, 'Everyone poops. If you don’t poop, then you could be hospitalized,' and he still didn’t get it." —alisiakrieg

9. We can start and stop our periods at the drop of a hat:

10. We don't actually have gag reflexes:

"A guy told me he believed girls were born without gag reflexes." —brennat48513f1ab

11. Women lactate all day, every day:

"One time my now ex-boyfriend made a comment to me about how woman lactate 24/7 and then asked how our tops weren’t constantly stained." —velvetbonesss

12. We'll get pregnant from swallowing cum:

"I had swallowed, and the guy was shocked. I was feeling pretty proud of myself until he says, 'Why would you do that!? What if you get pregnant!?'" —spookyfish

13. A 'labia' isn't a real thing:

14. The "vagina" involves everything, despite what we think:

"My ex vehemently tried to argue that 'vagina' was a term that could loosely be applied to the entire region of lady parts, and therefore women 'peed out of their vaginas.'" —allisong435bb7baa

15. We don't know how to properly wipe ourselves:

"I once had a 40-year-old man correct me in how a woman 'wipes.' He told me and two other women that we are supposed to wipe back to front. We said no and he told us we were wrong." —brettmarynnw

16. We should be taxed on feminine hygiene products because we're lazy:

"I've heard multiple men make the argument that feminine hygiene products should be a luxury tax if we insist on being too lazy to go to the bathroom when we need to bleed. They thought that we could just start and stop the flow of blood when we want." —cuteyjaime0

17. We can't parallel park because of estrogen:

18. We all start our periods at the same time:

"My ex once said that he gets so nervous around women on the first of every month because that’s when we all start our periods. It took a while to explain how menstruating actually happens." —melaniek17

19. Our eggs just dangle:

"My husband used to think that women were the most fertile the day before their periods because 'The egg is just dangling there waiting to fall out.'" —angwx

20. We only get pregnant during our period:

"I had a classmate ask me if females could only get aroused and pregnant during our periods, and if that's why we decline sex." —mcrmacke

21. Contractions are orgasmic:

22. A woman's hips will tell you if she's had sex or not:

"I had a friend in high school tell me he could tell which girls have had sex and which haven’t because of how they moved their hips when they walked." —tennillec

23. Women can, at any time, breastfeed someone's child:

"I was babysitting my niece (who at the time was six-months-old), and was telling my male cousin how loud she got because she was hungry and I was running around trying to make her a bottle. With a straight face, he stated, 'Why didn’t you just breast feed her?' He thought any women could breastfeed at any time."


24. And stretch marks are only on our stomaches:

"My boyfriend once pointed and poked at stretch marks on my legs, questioning if it was a rash or bruise. I've given birth and have had weight fluctuations. He said he didn't know stretch marks could be anywhere other than the stomach." —rambogirl

25. If we get wet at all, we immediately get ~wet~ down there:

26. The size of our labia tells how promiscous we are:

"I was told that the size of a woman's inner labia is indicative of how sexually promiscuous she is. The size, shape and color of the labia - of the whole vulva - has absolutely NOTHING to do with sexual activity in anyway." —veronicad4d2298f25

27. Pap smears just clean us out:

"My boyfriend thought that an annual pap smear was to 'clean out' your vagina, like when you go to the dentist for a cleaning." —annelised2

28. Vaginas don't actually lubricate:

"An ex of mine told me that my vagina didn’t actually produce any lubrication. He was convinced that all of the ~natural juices~ came out of my asshole."


29. Standing up will keep us from getting pregnant:

"I was told that if you stand up after sex, the semen will just fall out and you won’t get pregnant." —monicajm

30. We can't be fat because we have to get married:

31. Sticky pads go on our bodies:

"When we first started dating, I told my boyfriend I had to change my pad. He was asking me if it was painful to take off the pad and if my skin or hair ever got caught in it. He swore the sticky part went on YOU, not your underwear."


32. We don't really have muscles:

"I was at the gym one day lifting weights and a man walked up to me, beer belly and all, and asked me if women really have muscles." —sarahb42f04396b

33. Females have 10 vaginal holes with various uses:

"In middle school sex ed, we were taught that females had 10 holes in their vagina, and every one had a different purpose." —flute185

34. And lastly, we wear a bra on each boob:

"I had a friend in high school that thought women wear two bras, a left bra and a right bra." —ninjagirl21cs

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The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.