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Idris Elba Is This Year's Sexiest Man Alive, So Folks Are Starting To Forgive People Magazine For Blake Shelton's 2017 Win

"Can y’all believe that we sat around for a whole year and just accepted Blake Shelton as the Sexiest Man Alive and we were met with this gift???"

The folks at People Magazine have just confirmed what the rest of us have known since forever: Idris Elba is the sexiest man alive, PERIOD.

The award-winning British actor/heartthrob received the title in this week's annual issue, succeeding country star and The Voice judge Blake Shelton (whose 2017 induction sparked a lot of ~thoughts~).

Ofc being the dapper gentleman that he is, Idris was all like "Who'd have thought it!" in his very sexy/woke/gracious acceptance tweet.

Twitter user @Meganjlarson had the correct answer when she said "EVERYONE."

@idriselba @people Who'd have thought it: EVERYONE.

Everyone including @Cocoaellewoods who said, "About motherforking time! He was literally oozing sex appeal just by being alive. It’s a huge duh squared @people. You’re late to the party for real."

And @Mellie4Justice who said, "Tell me something I didn't already know..." AKA also duh squared.

Tell me something I didn’t already know ...@idriselba is the sexiest man alive 😉

So it's pretty much safe to say that everyone is, in fact, in agreement about Idris being the sexiest man alive.

@Jillybobww even suggested that People's sensible selection might possibly signal a brand new day, full of "sense and goodness."

People even started submitting their nominations for 2019. "Still waiting on Sterling for next year though..." said @Emily_lloyd16.

In short, cool news People Magazine, but..."WE BEEN KNEW".