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    27 Movie And TV Characters That Really Made Us Feel Good About Ourselves

    Hopefully these diverse characters challenge media to continue expanding what representation looks and feels like.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what characters have made them feel seen and represented. Here are some of our favorite answers.

    1. "I was chunky as a kid and weight has always been an issue for me."

    2. "Rosa coming out as bi on Brooklyn Nine Nine was the push I needed to accept myself for who I am."

    3. "She’s this quirky black girl with natural, short hair and no big boobs or big butt. Issa is so me!"

    4. "She was one of the first positive representations of fat people I'd seen."

    5. "...his accent and southern turns of phrase were part of what made him cool."

    6. "Patricia 'Kitten' Braden from Breakfast on Pluto was the first time I ever saw a trans woman as a main character in a movie."

    7. "Yes, there were Samoan men on 'regular' wrestling, but Mt. Fiji on GLOW was the only woman that I knew of."

    8. "I've never seen a Muslim teenage girl that I could look up to, and with Sana (Skam), I saw a character having the same questions, problems, and way of living her life as me."

    9. "During the 'Diagnosis' song by Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I cried my eyes out... the intense catharsis of going to get a diagnosis after years of wondering if anyone can validate you..."

    10. "Not only is her character so wonderfully fleshed out, but she’s also more than just her ethnicity."

    11. "Élio from Call Me By Your Name is a multilingual, openly bisexual Jewish teen, and I was so surprised by how much I had in common with him."

    12. "The first time I really felt 'seen' was when Cheerios released two commercials starring a mixed-race little girl and her interracial family."

    13. "Richie from HBO's Looking was an impactful character in my growth as a closeted LGBT-identifying Latinx youth."

    14. "Rose Quartz on Steven Universe has brought me to tears plenty of times for being a positive example of fatness... and as a bonus, she's as bisexual-coded as you can be in a children's show!"

    15. "As a multiracial female, I don’t strongly identify as Asian, black, or white, but just as a person of color."

    16. "There really aren’t many Jewish characters in movies and TV, and seeing Miracle Max from The Princess Bride play into many Jewish stereotypes and chant in Yiddish made me feel seen as a kid."

    17. "Kat Edison from The Bold Type gave me the confidence to come out to my family and friends."

    18. "I love Disney princesses, but having one that's dark skinned and saves herself and her Prince, that was something else."

    19. "The Fosters was the first show that normalized being gay and that you could just live a normal life."

    20. "Elena Alvarez on One Day At A Time perfectly represented me because she’s a Cuban-American struggling with her sexuality and figuring out where she fits in."

    21. "To a survivor of an abusive relationship, Jessica Jones was such a revelation."

    22. "Not only was RJ Cyler (Blue Power Ranger) an autistic superhero, but the movie didn't just glance over the topic and label the character as socially awkward instead."

    23. "Tracy Turnblad was a short and stout woman who knew what she wanted and wouldn’t listen to anyone who told her otherwise."

    24. "Seeing Wonder Woman step out onto No Man's Land made me see more clearly the true leadership capabilities I had."

    25. "Penny Proud and her family reminded me of my home so much."

    26. "Lilo from Lilo and Stitch has very specific rituals day-to-day, outdated hobbies, few friends, and she's so intensely sensitive."

    27. "Seeing a character, like Dr. Stephen Strange, who can acknowledge that 'pain is an old friend' makes the hard days easier."

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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