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    28 Things That Mean Something Different In Your 20s Than Your 30s

    What a decade of difference does.

    1. "Dating"


    In your 20s: You love meeting new people. You've tried every dating app and actually enjoy them. You love going on dates never give up hope.

    In your 30s: You're a bit more cynical. You are more selective and only sign up for a few dating apps that match (no pun intended) what you're looking for. You also HATE going on dates, but make yourself go on them because at the very least, you'll get a story out of it.

    2. "Fun night out"


    In your 20s: Bar hopping, clubbing, making out with strangers, staying up all night, making sure your friend throws up outside the Uber so you don't get charged with a cleaning fee, etc.

    In your 30s: A nice dinner with great company, a great bottle of wine, or maybe a craft cocktail that's so expensive you'll probably only have two (which is your limit anyway). And if you don't want to go out, staying in with friends watching '90s rom-coms while wearing sheet masks with animal faces on them, or something quirky like that.

    3. "Nightclubs"

    In your 20s: Yeah, why not? You like going out and dancing with friends.

    In your 30: Hard pass. Why would anyone voluntarily go a dark place filled with sweaty people with no personal space? Also, who's paying $500 for a bottle of vodka? Not me.

    4. "Drinking choices"


    In your 20s: Anything and everything. Shots, well drinks, shitty beer, etc.

    In your 30s: You don't necessarily know much about wine, but you can splurge and get $20 bottle instead of the $3 bottle because you don't want a terrible hangover the next morning. Also, how the hell do people do shots and not die?

    5. "Drinking tolerance"


    In your 20s: You can drink most people under the table.

    In your 30s: Because you try to avoid bad hangovers, you've become a lightweight. Three cocktails will do. No shots please.

    6. "Hangovers"


    In your 20s: They're not the best, but with some water, Advil, and a pair of sunglasses, you're ready to take on the day.

    In your 30s: They last like three days and you feel like you actually might die this time.

    7. "Music"

    In your 20s: You just go with the flow, you like what's on the radio and are annoyed when people are like "OMG how is this even music!?"

    In your 30s: You don't recognize anyone at award shows anymore, you're the one saying "OMG how is this even music!?"

    8. "Music festivals"

    In your 20s: You go to as many as you can, you even camp for some of them.

    In your 30s: You watch the livestream on Youtube while drinking a glass of your $20 wine.

    9. "FOMO"

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    In your 20s: If you're not constantly brunching with friends, attending cool parties, taking a 6 a.m. SoulCycle class, or laying out in Tulum, you'll start feeling like you haven't accomplished shit. That feeling consumes you even though you know it's stupid.

    In your 30s: You're more about JOMO (joy of missing out).

    10. "Diets"

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    In your 20s: You have probably tried some stupid diet to lose weight, maybe even that weird Kardashian-endorsed tea.

    In your 30s: You've done "meatless Mondays," Whole 30, paleo, or you're going vegan for a month á la Beyoncé.

    11. "Cheese"

    In your 20s: DAMN cheese is expensive AF.

    In your 30s: Cheese is an investment, and it's worth every single penny.

    12. "Healthy lifestyle"

    In your 20s: You eat salads and vegetables from time to time and keep telling yourself you should adopt a healthier lifestyle, but you still eat pizza at 3 am.

    In your 30s: Your body is different now. You can't easily digest things you did before. You're bloated 24/7. Whole milk? No thanks, bring on the Lactaid and the cashew cheese.

    13. "Marathons"


    In your 20s: You maybe have an athletic friend or two who run them.

    In your 30s: People you didn't even know had a gym membership are now running multiple marathons. You being to wondering if you, too, should run one.

    14. "Luxuries"

    In your 20s: Eating at a fancy restaurant without your parents paying and putting money on your 401k.

    In your 30s: Nice vacations, a silk robe, disconnecting from social media, staying home all weekend, getting a nice-looking plant, cooking a nice meal for friends, going to a spa!

    15. "Cleaning"

    In your 20s: You use that random broom who ever lived in your apartment left behind.

    In your 30s: Buying a Dyson vacuum is actually on your vision board.

    16. "Technology"

    In your 20s: You have an app for everything. You sign up for every social network, and you're very active on all of them.

    In your 30s: You're not ancient, you're cool with handling multiple apps, but you hear about all the new "cool" things from your nephew who also happens to be a YouTuber. You also can't handle having both Instagram *and* Snapchat.

    17. "Savings"

    In your 20s: Having over $500 in your bank account is, like, a lot.

    In your 30s: You have enough savings to survive for a couple of months, you put money into your 401k every month, and you're looking for other ways to invest your money.

    18. "Stress and panic attacks"


    In your 20s: You're likely starting to experience new levels of stress no one warned you about!

    In your 30s: You've likely experienced stress, tension, and panic attacks at this point in your life. You also realized you're not alone, because most of your friends have, too.

    19. "Pain"


    In your 20s: No pain for the most part.

    In your 30: Is that my hip hurting??? Why are my knees always in pain??? What is happening???

    20. "Beauty"

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    In your 20s: You care about your skincare routine, but still go to sleep with your makeup on sometimes.

    In your 30s: You get a facial at least once a year, you're game to try anything weird like a vampire facial, you can afford Botox now, you've switched to natural deodorants (or attempted to), and you wouldn't be caught dead using anything with parabens (and you know what that means too).

    21. "Personal style"

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    In your 20s: You try a bunch of different trends and start figuring out what you like.

    In your 30s: By now you have a handful of staples you've learned how to style with fleeting trends. Your personal style has evolved, and you finally know what you like and what works for you.

    22. "Home décor"

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    In your 20s: Your room/apartment probably looks like dorm or an Ikea catalog.

    In your 30s: You've graduated to West Elm and your place looks more like a Pinterest board.

    23. "Vacation"

    In your 20s: You go to cool places and likely embark on unexpected adventures. You don't mind crashing in a hostel or a friend's air mattress.

    In your 30s: You save enough money to make sure you have a great, carefully planned, comfortable vacation. Screw air mattresses.

    24. "People's bull crap"


    In your 20s: You put up with it from time to time.

    In your 30s: You've adopted a zero tolerance for a B.S. lifestyle.

    25. "Toxic people"


    In your 20s: You keep them in your life because you're hopeful things will change, or you just don't know how cut them out.

    In your 30s: By now you've learned how to cut toxic people out of your life and have no problem doing so.

    26. "Friends"


    In your 20s: You have so many friends even though you know some of them aren't as reliable as you'd like.

    In your 30s: You have fewer friends, but you can count on them for anything.

    27. "Self-love"

    In your 20s: You're learning how to love yourself.

    In your 30s: It's a life-long process, so you're still learning, but you have a better handle on it by now.

    28. "Having your stuff together"

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    In your 20s: You don't, obviously.

    In your 30s: You still don't, lol.