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A Curvy Model Wore A "Sample Size" T-Shirt During New York Fashion Week And Twitter Is Cheering

It's time fashion started properly reflecting the people who wear and support it.

Chromat, a NY-based clothing line, is tired of fashion's BS when it comes to size inclusivity. For New York Fashion Week, the brand debuted its Saturation collection, inspired by wet t-shirts, "to reclaim the experience of hiding under a giant T-shirt at a pool party and make it a garment to wear proudly."

The model lineup was beautiful and inclusive, featuring people like Mama Cax who proudly walked the runway with her white prosthetic leg.

One of the standout pieces from the collection was the Sample Size T, worn here by Sonny Turner. Designers make sample sizes, which usually range from a size zero to four, for models to wear in campaigns and on the runway. Becca McCharen-Train, founder of Chromat, told As/Is, "Sample sizing tends to be an excuse that other designers cite as a reason why they don't feature a range of sizes in their runway shows. At Chromat, we know that the designer has the power to choose what size they prototype their collection in."

"Our goal is to encourage more designers to sample their collections in a range of sizes, in order to celebrate all different size bodies on the runway," the fashion boss said. "We want everyone to know it's not their body that needs to change to fit designer clothes, clothes need to be designed to fit each individual body."

People on Twitter were ecstatic to see the shirt and the message that it sends, like @Farleyfan who said that it was "about time":

#samplesize baby! It's about time the fashion industry get on board with more inclusion & diversity. That's what's up. Cheers! #Chromat

Another user pointed out how amazing, and consistent, Chromat's casting is:

Chromat does the best model casting hands down

@Fantabuluz01 thanked Chromat for their diversity, hoping that "other designers will follow":

@CHROMAT_PARTY Thank you for your diversity at #NYFW. Hopefully other designers will follow, and realize it's the right thing to do. 👍❤

And @hglazo let us how they really felt:

least white washed most diverse & inclusive show I’ve ever seen, this shit rocked my trans-femme world

Watch the full New York Fashion Week presentation here, and share your thoughts on fashion's efforts towards size inclusion below!

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