Chromat's New Swimsuit Campaign Is Going To Give You Serious Feel-Good Vibes All Summer Long

    BuzzFeed's As/Is talked to the photographer of Chromat's new Pool Rules campaign about normalizing diversity and representation.

    Swimsuit season can bring dread for a lot of people, but Chromat — a leader in pushing body inclusivity — is changing how we see ourselves and others at the pool (and ultimately, in life). On July 12, the brand launched Pool Rules, a swimwear campaign to promote poolside inclusion and redefine "pool rules." The line also features a 3XL swimsuit for the first time.

    Anastasia Garcia, the campaign photographer, told BuzzFeed's As/Is that she "didn’t want the focus to immediately be on the diversity they embody." Instead, she wanted to create "imagery that forces us to look past them, and see the beauty in each woman and not think 'Oh she’s plus, AND beautiful' or 'Oh she’s trans, AND beautiful.' These babes are beautiful. Period." Her goal is that diversity becomes so normalized that it's no longer an issue to discuss.

    Shot at the Astoria Park Pool, the campaign featured industry activists and models, Mama Cax, Ericka Hart, Denise Bidot, Emme and Geena Rocero. They're all women who are proud to show off their body hair...

    ...and their curves, scars and stretch marks.

    These images are basically a celebration of all people, no matter how they identify or what they look like, and it's empowering AF.

    And there's an actual 10-rule list of do's and dont's, like "All Abilities Accepted," and "Intolerance Not Tolerated," that we need to be framed and hung at every pool around the world.


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