I Never Knew 3D Hair Beads Existed Until I Saw These Louis Vuitton Ones And Now Me And Twitter Want Some

    When you don't see what you want, you create your own and post it on Instagram.

    If you're part of the #BlackGirlMagic crew, you may remember growing up wearing hair barrettes. They weren't just cute, but also stylish expressions of our love and relationship with our coifs, kinks, and curls. Now, rapper and designer Magnus Juliano is giving us the adult, fly AF designer version and this. S**T. IS. FIRE.

    Juliano posted a set of photos on his Instagram, asking Virgil Abloh — the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton — if he could earn an internship because he has some ideas. One idea? 3D-printed hair beads in the LV logo.

    As I was getting my edges together, Twitter was going off, like this user who let us know that Louis Vuitton better not play games:

    @MagnusJuliano @virgilabloh @LouisVuitton @LouisVuitton_US @LouisVuitton_UK @louisvuitton_au @LouisVuitton_ZA This is amazing. If they don’t reply, they’re missing out for real.

    @HausMuva said what we all are thinking... and screaming:

    @WannasWorld @MagnusJuliano @virgilabloh @LouisVuitton @LouisVuitton_US @LouisVuitton_UK @louisvuitton_au @LouisVuitton_ZA LIKE, YOU ACTUALLY SNAPPED.

    We're obviously reliving our childhood in the best way possible:

    @MagnusJuliano Suddenly I’m a 10 year old girl again. Well done.

    And we also ain't settling in 2019. ASK FOR YOUR WORTH, SIS:

    @MagnusJuliano Ask for a job with this talent babe. These ideas are worth more than an internship.

    In fact, people on Twitter are preachin' and I'm just going to print this out for myself:

    @MagnusJuliano @scorpioo_rising @virgilabloh @LouisVuitton @LouisVuitton_US @LouisVuitton_UK @louisvuitton_au @LouisVuitton_ZA Why are asking for the bare minimum when u create art like this?

    Others on Instagram are ready to fight if we see this down the runway without attribution, and honestly I'm there with you:

    At the time of publication, Virgil hasn't responded to Magnus' pitch, but we're hoping to hear of a new job REALLLY SOON!