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    Beyonce And An Original Destiny's Child Member Reunited And We Have All The Feels

    Beyonce and childhood friend and former Destiny's Child bandmate LeToya Luckett reunited, and fans are overwhelmed with emotion.

    A long, long, long time ago, before Destiny's Child was three, the all-girl group was four — Kelly, LaTavia, Beyoncé, and LeToya — and they gave us two timeless R&B albums.

    *Here's their hit anthem "Bills, Bills, Bills" for your viewing and listening pleasure*

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    LaTavia and LeToya have both spoken candidly about their ups and downs in the group and life after, and how they've remained friends.

    DC stans have been praying for a reunion since the original four split 18 years ago, and last night it finally happened!

    A newly married and expecting LeToya Luckett went to see her childhood friend and former bandmate Beyoncé perform at the On The Run II tour in Arlington, Texas ... And they took this pic with Bey holding her tummy and we can't DEAL 😩😢❤️!

    Knowles' long-time publicist Yvette Noel Schure reposted the photo, after she finished crying in the corner of course.

    And you KNOW Mama Tina, who doesn't miss a beat on the gram, reposted it with a heartwarming message: "Congratulations Letoya you are gonna be the best mommy ❤️❤️."

    Day-one fans of the group completely lost it and took to social media to express their feels:

    @LeToyaLuckett WHEW!! My heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Pop culture writer and clever tweeter @blackmon literally wept ...

    I am weeping! LeToya and Beyoncé embracing. DC4 forever! <3

    ...And @AZealousVoice was completely finished by it all.

    This pic of Beyonce and LeToya Luckett has finished me for the day

    @5Habstract quickly got to business and started arranging the vocals for all five DC members.

    @NYHotShotta LeToya doing a belted Harmony above Michelle and LaTavia doing a bass octave below Beyoncé >>>>>

    @_writeordiechck took the joyous occasion to manifest what we ALL need to happen in 2019. Thx sis 🙏🏿!

    After seeing that Letoya/Beyoncé photo, I hope this means DC3 and DC4 will be present at Essence Fest next year for its 25th anniversary. Putting that out in the universe. ✨

    And @LowKei_ basically summed up all of our feelings with this billiant Jill Scott reaction.

    The Say My Name remix was performed on stage at Coachella and Beyoncé and a pregnant LeToya were photographed together. In 2018.

    Though happy and fuzzy, we weren't too shocked by the two queens' mini reunion. Back in 2011, Beyoncé thanked Luckett and Roberson in her Billboard Millennium Award acceptance speech...

    ...And just last year, Mama Tina got her workout on to Luckett's single "Back 2 Life."

    ALSO, did you know that current DC member Michelle Williams and the OG member are actual real life friends?!

    TBQH, this is all just too much and we want more!!! DC5 REUNION 2019. #NameIt ClaimIt #ItsDone #Amen.